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Mentoring Spotlight


Doug and Josh holding a certificate

Doug and Josh at graduation

Why did you decide to get involved with Careers in Higher Education?

Josh: At the beginning of my pursuit of a career within Student Affairs I was introduced to the Careers in Higher Education cohort. I was told that it was a resource for up-and-coming Student Affairs professional to gain the knowledge, experiences, and resources necessary to be successful in their future career. Additionally, there was a mentorship aspect of the cohort that was advertised that really intrigued me. I truly took an early interest in the Career in Higher Education cohort due to a strong desire to grow, both as a professional and individual, in my pursuit to become a professional within the Student Affairs career field.

How has having a mentor affected your professional/academic life?

Josh: During three of my four years at Central Washington University I was blessed with the ability to have Doug Fulp as my mentor in not only my career, but also my academic, extra-curricular, and personal life. Through my continued relationship with Doug I was able to grow tremendously as a professional and as an individual. I learned what it meant to be a scholar while also developing core values and characteristics of an ethical and practical professional. Furthermore, through the support of Doug, I was able to accomplish hundreds of things that I would not have dreamed of without his support. For example, during my undergraduate career I was able to serve as an executive board member for the regions student leadership organization (PACURH), design my own undergraduate degree focused specifically on my career path, and also serve as a professional within the University Housing and New Student Programs department during the last four months of my undergraduate career. Overall, Doug was a key aspect of my success not only as an undergraduate student at CWU but also during my continued success as a graduate student currently, and in my future career as a professional. I truly owe Doug a great deal for the true impact he has, and continues to have, on my life.

What are some things Doug has shared, discussed, or exposed you to that you feel was especially helpful?

Josh: Over the course of our continued relationship Doug has shared, discussed, and exposed me to so many experiences, resources, and learning opportunities that have molded me into a capable and passionate professional. There are truly too many experiences and moments that I cannot pin-point a specific topic that was "especially helpful" because each interaction with Doug was a learning and growing opportunity. However, I do have to say that through our hundreds of hours of 1:1s and interactions I have been able to become a better individual, professional, student, son, brother, significant other, friend, and overall citizen of this world due to the impact that Doug has had on my life. He has taught me compassion, friendship, hard-work, dedication, what it means to be ethical, and so much more.


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