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Student Medical & Counseling Clinic

Training Goals and Objectives

As noted in the Core Training Areas Section (, APA Standards on Accreditation for doctoral internships are currently being revised.  Our program will keep abreast of these changes and make needed changes in our training program's goals and objectives to maintain our compliance with the Standards on Accreditation.  Our 3 goals for training will not change, but some of the objectives within the goals may be modified based on the new Standards and their accompanying Implementing Regulations.  Intern applicants interested in APA's changes in accreditation can visit for more information.

Goal #1 • Goal #2 • Goal #3

Goal #1: To train psychologists with entry level clinical skills

Objective 1:  To develop competency in clinical assessment and diagnosis

Objective 2:  To develop individual therapy skills

Objective 3:  To develop group therapy skills

Objective 4:  To develop crisis stabilization skills

Objective 5:  To develop skills necessary for providing consultation to medical providers, other mental health professionals, and concerned others in a university population

Objective 6:  To introduce basic methods of program evaluation

Objective 7:  To teach theories of clinical supervision

Goal #2: To train entry-level psychologists who exhibit the self-knowledge, attitudes, professional knowledge and skills for effective and ethical professional practice

Objective 1:  To increase practical/applied knowledge and application of ethical, legal and practice guidelines as well as scholarly literature

Objective 2:  To increase professional development and enhance professional identification

Objective 3:  To make the transition from the role of student/intern to that of an entry-level psychologist

Goal #3:  To train entry-level psychologists who demonstrate multicultural competence in their professional work

Objective 1:  To increase comprehension of knowledge domain of APA’s Multicultural Competencies Guidelines

Objective 2:  To increase knowledge of the skills domain of APA’s Multicultural Counseling Competencies

Objective 3:  To increase knowledge of the awareness domain of APA’s Multicultural Counseling Competencies