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Student Medical & Counseling Clinic


Supervision is an important facet of the internship year. Each intern will be assigned a primary and a secondary supervisor. The supervisors share responsibility for the intern's caseload and other activities. Within the supervisory relationship, you will have the opportunity to expand your clinical skills while receiving intensive, professional support. Issues covered during supervision include therapy related matters, case management concerns, and ethics and state law germane to the clinical caseload. Previous interns have mentioned the special value of being able to review videotapes of their sessions with supervisors. You will be provided a minimum of two (if Group Supervision of Supervision is offered; see below)  and a maximum of three regularly scheduled hours of individual supervision per week. Additional individual supervision is provided for other clinical activities (e.g., leading a group, psychological assessment, outreach) as applicable.

Interns also take part in group supervision throughout the training year. Group clinical supervision consists of one scheduled hour per week during which interns and a member of the training team discuss therapy related case management or focus in-depth on a specific therapeutic approach. Group supervision will provide a unique opportunity for you to take advantage of peer supervision in consultation with a member of the professional staff.  During training years during which multiple interns are supervising junior trainees, interns participate in weekly Group Supervision of Supervision, during which tapes of interns providing supervision as well as trainees' clinical tapes are reviewed, interns receive peer and professional supervision regarding effective provision of supervision, and additional articles and training activities are utilized.  During the academic year, interns are also provided with one hour of weekly Group ADHD Assessment Supervision, the purpose of which is to supervise ADHD assessments and provide additional training and education in this area.
Thus, during a typical week during the academic year, interns are provided with 5 hours of regularly scheduled, ongoing supervision, a minimum of 2 hours of which is individual supervision.  During the summer quarter, interns have some input into the structure of the supervision.  At times, interns have chosen to have 3 hours a week of individual supervision and 1 hour a week of Group Supervision in the summer while other cohorts have chosen to have 2 hours of individual supervision and 2 hours of group supervision during the summer months.

In addition to the requisite ongoing individual supervision, interns are afforded the opportunity for consultation with any permanent staff member. These combined experiences of the permanent staff represents over 50 years of clinical experience, allowing for ready access to a fund of information and practical experience across many domains of clinical practice.