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Student Medical & Counseling Clinic


Counseling Clinic Groups

For more information on any of the below groups or workshops, please call us at (509) 963-1391. Thank you!

Advanced Pathways  •  Bipolar Support Group  •  Coping with Anxiety Workshop  •  Grief Support Group  •  Interpersonal Process Group  •  Non-Trad Support Group  •  TLC (Therapeutic Lifestyle Change) Group

Advanced Pathways

This group offers the opportunity to build on concepts of pathways in a group environment.  Group members have the opportunity to explore their concerns in terms of the balance of 'acceptance' of concerns through ‘recognition’ and ‘understanding’ and 'commitment' to live a life of value to them through ‘willingness’ to explore new behaviors within a supportive environment of group.

Bipolar Support Group

This group will help you see that you are not alone in dealing with Bipolar Disorder and that what seems like completely unique and unimaginable experiences have actually been shared by many others who have the disorder. The sharing in the support group can be enormously relieving and can decrease social isolation. Our support group provides encouragement as well as education so that you can make healthy living choices.
A six-session workshop that focuses on living life with anxiety. In essence, the workshop aims to help the participants focus on what makes their lives meaningful and strategies to help them move forward with a meaningful life, regardless of their anxiety. Each workshop session includes new anxiety coping strategies, opportunities to share personal experiences, and recommended practice strategies.

Grief Support Group

This is an ongoing group that offers education and support for anyone who is grieving the death of a person. Participants are given an opportunity to share their experiences and to give and receive help in a supportive environment. 

Interpersonal Process Group

An ongoing group focused on interpersonal growth through self-disclosure and interactions with others. This group offers you the opportunity to explore yourself and your relationships with others by offering a setting in which you can learn to examine your behaviors. Through feedback from others, and self-observation, you can become more aware of how you interact with others and thereby more able to change self-limiting behaviors.

Non-Trad Support Group

An ongoing group for students who are 25 years of age or older, or married, or with a domestic partner, or have children, or self-identity as a non-traditional student. This is an ongoing group focused on interpersonal growth through self-disclosure and interaction with others.
The TLC group provides a wellness-based approach to treating depression that is supported by research. You’ll get support to keep your motivation up as well as new skills to fight depression. You’ll be able to share your experience, hear from others, and collaborate in a group atmosphere with people who want to help each other out of the depressive cycle.