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Student Medical & Counseling Clinic

Evaluation Process


There are detailed evaluation criteria for each element of the internship. The major features of these criteria are listed below (see footnote 1). You are encouraged to contact a member of the training team for more information.

  1. Completion of a 2000-hour internship with a minimum of 500 hours of direct contact.
  2. Completion (training staff consensus pass/fail) of 2 formal case presentations, delivered during case consultation.
  3. Satisfactory termination of any grievance processes.
  4. Satisfactory intake skills as evidenced by the completion of 10 intake screenings with appropriate diagnostic considerations and recommendations.
  5. Satisfactory brief therapy skills as evidenced by the completion of at least five brief therapy cases with successful termination.
  6. Satisfactory longer-term therapy skills as evidenced by at least two long-term therapy cases with successful termination or transfer.
  7. Satisfactory group therapy skills as evidenced by co-facilitation of at least one group and independent facilitation of at least one group with supervision.
  8. Satisfactory outreach skills as evidenced by the delivery of at least two outreach programs.
  9. Satisfactory assessment/psychological testing skills as evidenced by completion of at least one formal personality/psycho-diagnostic assessment batteries and four ADHD assessment protocols.
  10. Satisfactory crisis intervention skills as evidenced by the provision of same-day crisis services, and appropriate responses to emergent client concerns.
  11. Satisfactory development of a professional identity relative to ethical standards as evidenced by the ability to identify and discuss legal/ethical issues in clinical work.
  12. Satisfactory work with diverse populations as evidenced by the ability to identify and discuss diversity issues as they pertain to client care.
  13. Satisfactory and timely completion of all paperwork.
  14. Satisfactory use of supervision.
  15. Satisfactory use of training activities.
  16. Satisfactory personal characteristics as evidenced by the ability to establish and maintain appropriate professional, collegial relationships.
  17. Satisfactory consultation skills as evidenced by participation in the weekly case consultation meeting and completion of the intern project.
  18. Knowledge of clinical supervision theories and skills.
  19. Knowledge of program evaluation theories and skills.


  1. Please note that this is not a comprehensive listing of evaluation criteria.
We have designed our internship to meet the training requirements for most university departments. However, your academic institution may specify requirements that are different from those offered at this site. You are encouraged to be proactive in determining if an internship at The Counseling Clinic will meet your needs. We would be delighted to discuss any concerns you may have as you make this important decision.

Evaluation of Interns

Interns are expected to function within a framework of high ethical standards and professional competence. Each intern will be required to develop training goals with the Training Director. The various goals and associated tasks will be clearly described along with the time frame expected for the completion of each task. Goals will consist of both professional and personal development and should reflect your movement from a student to a professional role.

Although the primary focus of Internship is on providing intense clinical training and skill development, evaluation is an essential part of the training year. Your performance as an intern will be formally evaluated twice a year. The training team will meet and discuss your progress toward successful completion of the internship expectations and evaluation criteria. Input will also be solicited from any senior staff observing your service activities. All the information obtained will be integrated. Feedback regarding the evaluation will then be provided in written and verbal form. Your academic department will receive a copy of the written evaluation.