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Counseling Services

Evaluation Process

In order to successfully complete internship, Interns are required to:

  1. Receive passing marks in all 9 Profession-wide Competencies

  2. Successfully complete and pass 2 Formal Case Presentations

  3. Successfully complete 30 initial sessions

  4. Successfully complete 15 intake sessions

  5. Successfully complete 4 ADHD Evaluations, including reports

  6. Successfully complete 1 personality/ psychodiagnostic evaluation, including report

  7. Co-lead 1 group in the junior leader role with a senior staff person

  8. Successfully be the Primary leader for 1 group with senior staff in the junior role

  9. Successfully complete 3 psychoeducational outreach programs

  10. Successfully deliver 1 Grand Rounds Presentation to the clinic

  11. Complete 500 hours of direct service

  12. Complete 2000 total hours of internship experience

  13. Completion of Supervisor and Program Evaluations

  14. Successful completion of any remediation plans

  15. Resolution of any grievances against the program

  1. Please note, that these are the minimum passing criteria and interns are expected to continue to function as an integral part of the clinic and continue service delivery across all domains even after they have met the minimum service delivery expectations. 

Evaluation of Interns

Interns are expected to function within a framework of high ethical standards and professional competence. Each intern will be required to develop training goals with the Training Director. The various goals and associated tasks will be clearly described along with the time frame expected for the completion of each task. Goals will consist of both professional and personal development and should reflect your movement from a student to a professional role.

Although the primary focus of Internship is on providing intense clinical training and skill development, evaluation is an essential part of the training year. Your performance as an intern will be formally evaluated twice a year (at the end of Winter and Summer quarters).  In the process of developing formal evaluations, the training team will meet and discuss your progress toward successful completion of the internship expectations and evaluation criteria. Input will also be solicited from any senior staff observing your service activities. All the information obtained will be integrated. Feedback regarding the evaluation will then be provided in written and verbal form. Your academic department will receive a copy of the written evaluation. Informal evaluations (verbal discussions with supervisors) will take place at the end of Fall and Spring quarters.  Similar for formal evaluations, the training team will discuss your progress and formulate feedback to you.  The purpose of these informal evaluations are to identify with you, prior to the formal evaluation, areas and skills that are on expected developmental trajectories and those that might require more attention in the months leading up to the formal evaluation.  It is also an opportunity for interns and supervisors to check in regarding the supervision process and make any modifications that might be needed.


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