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McNair Scholars

Program Overview


  • Graduate & proposal writing prep courses during your junior and senior years.
  • Up to a $2800 Research Fellowship stipend; and up to $1450 room and board support during the Summer Research Program.
    •   -Research Stipends are divided up & distributed five times throughout the summer.
    •   -Housing Stipends are divided up & distributed two times throughout the summer.
  • Travel assistance to present research at local, regional and national conferences.

Graduate School

  • Over 200 universities waive graduate school application fees and/or other opportunities for McNair Scholars. PDF list.
  • Guidance through the entire graduate school application process, including visits to regional graduate schools.
  • Skills review and test-taking strategies for graduate admissions exams (i.e. GRE).
  • GRE description

Additional Benefits

The intangible value of networking with other first-generation and underrepresented students who understand the challenges you face as you pursue your Ph.D. degree!


Overview of Class Sequence for Students Participating in the Program

Click Here for Science Honors/McNair Scholars Dual Track

First YearSecond Year
Fall Quarter
  • MCNA 301 Introduction to the McNair Program (1 credit),
  • Entrance interview with McNair Staff,
  • Take the GRE pre-test exam,
  • Attend the Program Orientation,
  • Identify and set up meeting with mentor to discuss research ideas
Fall Quarter
  • Take GRE (if not yet done),
  • Arrange and participate in graduate school visit(s),
  • Apply to graduate schools and for scholarships/fellowships,
  • Prepare research for presentation,
  • Arrange teaching internship with the McNair Director,
  • Meet with McNair Staff.
  • MCNA 303 Completing The Graduate School Application (1 credit)
Winter Quarter
  • MCNA 395 UG Research Methods (2 credits),
  • Meet weekly with your mentor,
  • Write proposal, submit to mentor and to McNair Office,
  • Meet with McNair Staff.

Winter Quarter

  • Prepare abstract for SOURCE (discuss with research mentor),
  • Follow-up on graduate school applications,
  • Meet with McNair Staff.
Spring Quarter
  • MCNA 302 Finding a Graduate School (1 credit),
  • Edit and re-submit final research proposal for review,
  • Meet with McNair Staff,
  • Identify potential conference(s) to attend,
  • Arrange graduate school visits,
  • Attend SOURCE (usually in 3rd week of May),
  • CWU Etiquette Dinner
  • Attend the McNair Recognition Banquet.
Spring Quarter
  • Submit abstract to SOURCE and prepare presentation/poster/performance,
  • Participate in SOURCE and attend SOURCE banquet,
  • Attend the McNair Recognition Banquet,
  • Exit interview,
  • Finalize Graduate School plans,
  • CWU Etiquette Dinner (if not done already).
Summer Quarter
  • GRE Bootcamp,
  • Grad School Prep Retreat,
  • Participate in Mentored Research and complete final research paper,
  • Grad school visits.


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