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McNair Scholars

Faculty Mentors


2017 - 2018 Faculty Mentors

Dr. Hope Amason; Anthropology
Dr. Lene Pedersen; Anthropology
Dr. Levente Fabry; Chemistry
Dr. James Avey; Business
Dr. Roger Schaeffer; Law & Justice
Dr. Donald Davendra; Computer Science
Dr. Mary Poulson; Biology
Dr. Holly Pinkart; Biology
Dr. Erin Craig; Physics
Dr. Chuck Reasons; Law & Justice
Dr. Jean Marie Linhart; Mathematics
Dr. Dominic Kylve; Mathematics
Dr. Timothy Beng; Chemistry



2016-2017 Faculty Mentors

Dr. Lucinda Carnell; Biology
Dr. Timothy Beng; Chemistry
Arthur Manjarrez; College of the Sciences
Dr. Nathan Kuwada; Physics
Dr. Erin Craig; Physics
Dr. Heath Marrs; Psychology
Dr. Clay Arango; Biology
Dr. Anthony Stahelski; Psychology
Pedro Xavier Cavazos; English
Dr. Griff Tester; Sociology
Dr. Judy Hennessey; Sociology
Dr. Benjamin White; Physics
Dr. Dan Herman; History
Dr. April Binder; Biology







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