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McNair Scholars

Application Process

  1. Review the Eligibility Requirements. Because this is a federally funded program, these are strict requirements.
  2. Submit:
    1. Click here to download and print a paper application
    2. If you have attended another college or university besides CWU, one copy of your  transcripts from that institution (unofficial is okay) in Word or pdf format (we will access your CWU records);
    3. A copy of your & your parent's (if you are a dependent) 1040 with the SSN blacked out;
    4. Application Essay; and
    5. Two recommendation letters. (It is most appropriate to obtain letters from CWU faculty in your major or academic advisor. If you have questions or unusual circumstances, please contact the McNair office.) Transfer students, entering CWU as a Junior in the Fall may provide letters from faculty at their current institution. These should be mailed separately.


  • Before your final acceptance into the McNair Program, there will be a brief interview with the Program Staff.
  • If you would like to apply to complete the Science Honors Program AND the McNair Scholars Program simultaneously, you may.
  • For all future cohorts: All science majors who are eligible to apply for the Science Honors Program will be strongly encouraged to apply. The Science Honors Program is a source of additional funding, support and opportunities for McNair Scholars and these programs are committed to working together.
  • Faculty Recommendation Form as interactive - PDF or Word DOC

Mail completed Recommendation Letters to: CWU McNair Office Hertz Hall Room 201, Ellensburg, Washington 98926-7516

CWU mailstop: 7516


You may complete the online application and upload transcripts and IRS 1040 form by clicking on the application above. Letters of recommendation from faculty must be mailed separately.


Overview of Class Sequence for Students Participating in Both Science Honors and McNair Scholars Programs

First YearSecond Year

Fall Quarter

Fall Quarter
  • Continue or edit summer research for
    conference(s) and/or publication,
  • Take the GRE if not already taken,
  • Independent Study credits for SHRP,
  • Murdoch Conference.

Winter Quarter

  • MCNA 395: Proposal Writing Course,
  • Weekly meetings with mentor,
  • Prepare substantive research proposal following SHRP guidelines (to be completed by early February).
Winter Quarter
  • SHRP 401: Capstone Course,
  • McNair Workshops on various topics.
Spring Quarter
  • MCNA 302: Finding Graduate Programs,
  • SHRP 301,
  • Attend McNair Recognition Banquet,
  • CWU Etiquette Dinner
  • Volunteer at SOURCE,
  • Prepare for summer research.
Spring Quarter
  • SHRP 497: Thesis,
  • Present at SOURCE,
  • Attend McNair Recognition Banquet,
  • CWU Etiquette Dinner,
  • Finalize graduate school plans,
  • Exit interview with McNair staff,
  • Honors Convocation.
Summer Quarter
  • GRE Bootcamp,
  • Summer Research Fellowship,
    • Independent Study Credits in your major,
  • Graduate school visits,
  • Graduate School Prep Retreat,
  • Finalize Fellowship & Graduate School List,
  • Take the GRE,
  • Summer Outcome: Research Progress Report or
    abstract and application for the Murdoch Conference.



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