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McNair Scholars

2015 Alumni


Brianne Shaw-Anthropology

Mentor: Dr. J. Hope Amason

Cohort - 2015

Jessica Cawthon - Psychology

Mentor-Dr. Meaghan Nolte


pic coming soon

Andy Basargin​ - Chemistry

Mentor- Dr. Timothy Beng


Jose Garcia - Engineering

Hello, my name is Jose Garcia, I am majoring in Mechanical Engineering Technology for my Bachelor’s Degree, then I will go to graduate school to receive a PhD. in Biomedical Engineering. Once I graduate, I can't wait to be building prosthetics for others because helping others is all I have wanted to do growing up. I want to graduate from school because I am a first generation college student and want to be the role model for my whole family and brothers.


Mentor: Dr. Roger Beardsley

Cohort: 2014

Alex Higgins
Major: Physics


Mentor: Dr. Darci Snowden


Juan Flores
Major: Bio Chemistry

Attending: UC Davis Graduate School PhD Program

Main Field of Study: Integrative Physiology

Mentor: Dr. Carin Thomas

Cohort: 2015


Sydnee Johnson
Major: Mechanical Engineering/Philosophy

Mentor: Dr. Roger Beardsley

Cohort: 2015


Jonathan Ojeda
Major: Psychology

Mentor: Dr. Mary Radeke

Attending CWU Graduate School

Viridiana Ortiz
Major: Elem/Prof Education


Tucker Reiley

Major: Nutrition Science

Mentor: Dr. Nicole Stendell-Hall

Attending: University of Washington Graduate School


Cheri Bednarik-

Mentor- Dr. Robert Pritehett



Kayla-Ann Hemmings

Major: Psychology

Mentor: Dr. Mary Radeke

Attending: CWU Graduate School


Steve Isaak

Major: Psychology

Mentor: Dr. Jesse James & Dr. Mary Radeke

Attending: Univeristy of South Alabama Doctoral Program

Gavin Schag

Major: Geography

Mentor:  Dr. Robert Hickey

Research: UAV Photogrammetry: A Comparison of LiDAR and Structure From Motion Data for DEM Construction

Attending: San Diego State




Eric Wakeland
Jay McDonald
Ebonesia Morrow
Diane Williams
Veronica Guadarrama
Estrella Cardenas
Mia Patterson
Elizabeth Anne Rathburn
Tarra Hall
Tiffany Hansen
Danica Hardwick
Daniel Jager


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