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Professional Opportunities

Here are some resources to find a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) , apply for a Scholarshipor apply to Graduate School.

Make sure to check out great general professional resources including the MAA Math Career Page and Central Career Services

Math 299S - Welcome to the Math Major!

These are the initial links to support your work in Math 299s including information about:
Professional Resources - Learn more about the mathematics profession

Kittitas Valley Math Circle

Kittitas Valley Math Circle is a weekly math program for 2nd-6th grade students with their parents/guardians.

Click below to learn more:

Dr. Brandy Wiegers

I grew up in Meridian, Idaho having spent my youth as a dedicated Girl Scout and student. I graduated from University of Idaho (in Moscow, Idaho) with Biological Systems Engineering and Mathematics Degrees. From UI I went to the University of California, Davis (near Sacramento) to complete a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics.

Introduction to Parent Functions

I've seen parent functions introduced in different forms at different high schools and I attempted to incorporate the best of what I'd seen into our coursework by having each group create an introduction to their parent function and then share it with the class. It was a great way for students to learn what was expected of them when they worked together as a group and for students to start understanding what it would be like for us to interact with the group.

Spaghetti Cosine and Sine Curves

We did a great activity to introduce Sine and Cosine from the Unit Circle. This is a standard activity from the high schools my GK12 students work with but none of our undergrads had seen it.

San Joaquin Math Teachers' Circle

On October 22 I presented the 'Slide Rules Rule' lesson at the Math Teachers' Circle at San Joaquin Math Teachers' Circle.  This is a lesson I've been developing over the last several years and I really enjoyed the opportunity to share it with the SJMTC.  They added to the lesson by sharing the time and math with me and then going over the mathematical practices and pedagogical methods I used at the end. That was a really cool experience.

Math Enrichment, Exploration, and Equity

Welcome to the homepage of Dr. Brandy Wiegers - a new faculty member at Central Washington University!

In the past few years, I've been involved with Math Circles, Bridge to Engineering Pathways (B2E), Adventures in Precalculus! and various professional development efforts. Below you will find more information about my activities for each.

Math Circles

I was involved in many projects across the Bay and greater US Area including serving as:

Success at Math

by Jean Marie Linhart, Ph.D.

Shall we go for a run, anyone?

If you sat and watched me lecture on running, and you understood everything I said 100%, but you weren't actually actively running, would you feel comfortable going out for a 10 mile run on Saturday?  How about a 3 mile run?


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