Mathematics Minors, Certificates & Endorsements

The Minor in Mathematics is designed to enable a student with a significant interest in Mathematics to deepen his/her knowledge while pursuing a concentration in another field. While the concentration will often be in a field which makes significant use of mathematics, such as a science or a quantitative social science, it may be in any area of study, meet the requirements of a minor may not be taken pass/fail. All courses for the minor program must be completed with a grade of at least a C.

    Math Minor

    Required Courses


    MATH 172 - Calculus I Credits: (5)

    MATH 173 - Calculus II Credits: (5)

    At least 12 credits of electives in mathematics at the 200 level or above, which MUST include at least one of MATH 260 or MATH 265. Credits: (12)
    Total Credits: 22


    Teaching Secondary Math Minor

    This minor is designed for students who wish to teach math at the middle level (grades 5-9). Completion of this minor results in a middle-level math endorsement for Washington State. The coursework provides experiences in math content and pedagogy including field experience and addresses the Washington State competencies for middle-level math teachers. This program is only open to students admitted to majors that are endorsable or currently hold teaching endorsements. Students must be accepted into the Teacher Certification Program and have completed MATH 153 and MATH 154 prior to acceptance into this program. Students with a strong high school mathematics preparation should take the Math Placement Exam. According to the results of the exam, students may satisfy the MATH 153 and/or MATH 154 requirements. Students completing this minor are required to demonstrate knowledge, skill, and dispositions proficiency through a program portfolio prior to student teaching. Students must pass the WEST-E exam for middle level mathematics to receive the middle level math endorsement.

    Required Courses

    MATH 130 - Finite Mathematics Credits: (5)
    MATH 164 - Foundations of Arithmetic Credits: (5)
    MATH 170 - Intuitive Calculus Credits: (5)
    MATH 232 - Discrete Modeling for Middle-level Teachers Credits: (4)
    MATH 250 - Intuitive Geometry for Elementary Teachers Credits: (4)
    MATH 323 - Teaching Middle School Mathematics and Science Credits: (3)
    MATH 486 - Mathematics, Problem Solving, and Teaching Credits: (4)
    EDEL 323 - Teaching Elementary School Mathematics Credits: (4)
    EDEL 477 - Middle School Students and Their Environment Credits: (4)
    EDEL 478 - Developmentally Responsive Curriculum in the Middle Grades Credits: (3)
    Total Credits: 41



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    All programs (major, minor, including electives) must be on file and approved by the Department at least one academic year preceding graduation.