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Math 299S - Welcome to the Math Major!

These are the initial links to support your work in Math 299s including information about:
Professional Resources - Learn more about the mathematics profession


Professional Resources - Learn more about the mathematics profession

Why Major in Mathematics - Summary from Duke University

There are several professional mathematical organizations that can provide additional resources:

Applying for REUs and Graduate School

Click HERE to learn more about Applying for REUs and Graduate School!

Math Computational Resources

You can find a list of the computers on campus with these computational programs here:

Using Mathematica

Mathematica is a product of Wolfram Alpha. They have provided great documentation within the actual program, start by going to "Help" and searching within the "Documentation" section to see information about different commands and find different examples.

Please note CWU has Mathematica Version 8 loaded on campus computers.

Videos: Hands on Start to Mathematica version 8- Youtube video playlist

Quick Tips when using Mathematica:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts when using Mathematica
  • All functions in Mathematica are capitalized. This includes commands like Plot and Integrate, but also traditional functions like Sin and Cos. Even constants like E and Pi should be capitalized.
  • Brackets [ ] are (to my knowledge) used only for opening and closing functions.
  • Braces { } are (to my knowledge) used only for grouping arguments together (see Plot for example).
  • Parentheses ( ) are (to my knowledge) used only in the familiar way to override order of operations.

Using LaTex

''Using LaTeX has many added benefits in addition to just making documents look "pretty."  It also adds in critical thinking skills and provides students with basic programming skills.  A student that took my Probability course last year and then took a C++ programming course with me last spring said that he was better able to write programs in C++ because he was used to passing parameters in LaTeX. '' - Dr. Linhart

Resources to Use LaTeX:

How to Guides to LaTeX:

Quick Reference:

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