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Kryptos7 Challenge 1

I am so glad that you have agreed to act as a consultant for us.  As I explained to you earlier, we are very close to catching up with the so called “Red River Gang” who have been dealing in illegal arms shipments.  We feel that we are getting very close to apprehending the entire gang. 

We recently identified one of these individuals and managed to gain entrance to his apartment.  It was mostly cleared out, however we found a very odd Tax Form in a drawer with a wooden cipher machine. The cipher machine has a stationary outer ring showing all 26 letters of the alphabet.  There are also four “inner” rings which rotate freely.  The numerals 1-100 seem to be represented on these movable disks.   I’ll send you a copy of the Tax Form and a picture of the cipher machine we found in the hopes that you can make some sense of it all.  We’re pretty sure that there is an upcoming meeting or arms delivery and we hope that we can catch the entire gang at that time.  Please help us out as quickly as you can!

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