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Challenge 2

Our offices are trying to execute a search warrant on a suspect’s uPhone, however we cannot get past the password screen.  We do know that the owner of the phone has used fairly simple one word passwords in the past, but since the uPhone is programmed to automatically destroy all data after three incorrect login attempts, we really need to get this right the first time.  Or, should I say, the third time.  Our local “techies” have already entered two incorrect passwords based on some poor reasoning on their part.  So, we have one attempt left.

When the uPhone is initially powered on it shows a sequence of images of clocks.  We’ve captured these images in the accompanying file (read left to right, top to bottom). This is the only clue we have to go on.  Can you make any sense of these bizarre images and give us the password to unlock the phone?

Image [high resolution, pdf]

Image [low resolution, jpg]


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