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Challenge 1

Date:  March, 1928

As chief cryptanalyst for the United States Coast Guard, your primary responsibility is cryptanalyzing intercepted traffic from individuals bringing bootleg liquor into the United States.   Working for large organized crime syndicates based in New York and Chicago, ship captains make use of Western Union telegrams to take illegal liquor orders and determine rendezvous points for delivery.  These ships often sail from Belize or Honduras, occasionally stopping in Cuba, enter the Gulf of Mexico and stealthily make their way towards New Orleans.  Once they are close to shore, the bootleggers, or rumrunners, rendezvous with smaller boats to unload the crates of whisky, gin, and other contraband.

We have just received the following telegram which we hope will lead us to a location and time where a rumrunner is offloading their supplies.  Most likely this will happen in the next few days, so speed is of the essence!  Can you help us decipher this message?


Copy of Telegram [pdf]

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