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Cipher Challenge 1

Thank you for agreeing to help us.  As you probably know, an international gang of art thieves has struck again!  This time successfully stealing a priceless masterpiece from the Uffizi Gallery!  Unbelievable!  We know the thieves have plans to meet up sometime soon in order to negotiate a quick sale with an unknown buyer. 

In an earlier attempt to infiltrate this wily gang we managed to obtain a smartphone belonging to one of the gang members.  We hope that the phone will have some information on it that will help lead us to the upcoming meeting.  However, the phone is password protected and we are pretty sure that ANY attempt to enter the wrong password will completely erase all of its content. 

All we have access to is the image on the Lock Screen [see attached image]. Is there any way that this image contains the password?  In the past we know that the owner of the phone has used simple one word passwords typically associated with nature or science.  Past passwords have been “geology”, “evolution”, and “proton”.  If you can use the image to uncover the password our coalition will be eternally grateful!

Image of Lock Screen

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