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Challenge 3

A rival group to the gang ®an$omWar€4U$ called the Malware Extortionists (Or MEs) has been discovered to have plans to outsmart the ®an$omWar€4U$ criminals and steal both the vaccine and ransom money for themselves. One of our excellent investigators has intercepted two communications between members of the group. That same investigator managed to zoom bomb a meeting of the MEs long enough to grab a screenshot at an opportune time when we believe they were discussing their method of encryption. We hope that some clues can be found in the screenshot that will help decode the message. Please help!

First intercepted message:

tbnvu oniso aeard evmwu dnrae eoooa eddlt tmrna evbhf astdd cokuy eieoc olrrc 4ciey eesol nirld andii soiet rehme cuera kmcnw wre

Second intercepted message:

uooih keinb turam rnstt nulac afemn rftrr rnpif psuwe dhera ftsuo nhhcc hsola stnei sbget ooate aataf etsdc oattn eidle teyge nie


[screen shot] (jpg)

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