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Challenge 1

What started out as a series of pranks has now gotten a little more serious.  Two zoom bombers, going by the aliases Caesar and Salad, are starting to wreck some serious havoc.  They have been disrupting a series of important meetings of the National Cryptographic Association.  We have one suspect in custody (Caesar, whose real name is Julie DeGaulle), but we don’t have enough evidence to hold her for long.  She was not in possession of her computer when we arrested her and we expect that her computer has all of the zoom bombing code needed to both convict her and stop any future attacks from Salad.  DeGaulle has been held at a Juvenile facility for several days and she has been sending daily letters to her brother, who we think might be passing them along to Salad.  Could DeGaulle be giving Salad secret instructions in these innocent looking letters?  If you can detect any secret messages in these letters, please let us know as soon as possible!  We’ve scanned the five letters in a single document for you to examine.

Packet of Letters [pdf]

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