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Kryptos2 Results from 2012

Sixty students formed 30 teams representing colleges and universities from Alaska, British Columbia, Montana, Oregon, and Washington.

Those teams which submitted at least one correct solution are recognized below. The order of the listings indicates the chronological order of when the solutions were submitted.

The team from the University of Montana Western solved all three challenges in 31 hours and 50 minutes.

Congratulations to all!


Master Codebreakers are those who solved all three challenges and are recognized as achieving the

TURING level of achievement:

From University of Montana Western:

  • Nathan Boll
  • Susie Bleken

From Western Washington University:

  • Brian Schiller
  • Andrew Wray
  • Zac Pontrantolfi

From Carroll College:

  • Jennings Anderson
  • Nathan Woods
  • Forrest Laskowski

From Western Washington University:

  • Austin Brown
  • Sky Hester
  • Stuart Tsuchida

Proficient Codebreakers are those who solved two challenges and are recognized as achieving the

BABBAGE level of achievement:

From Eastern Oregon University:

  • Scott Kausler
  • Gage Winde
  • Kyson Lamoreau

From Central Washington University:

  • Derek Wheel
  • George David

From Central Washington University:

  • Ben Livingston

From Pacific University:

  • Travis White
  • Hanna Landrus
  • Liam Dalton

From Western Washington University:

  • Steven McAlpine
  • Gage Cosgrove

From Vancouver Island University:

  • Jeffrey Peters

Amateur Codebreakers are those who solved one of the challenges and are recognized as achieving a

PRETTY GOOD level of achievement:

From Western Oregon University:

  • James Dolciamore

From Western Oregon University:

  • Lindsay Callahan
  • Erin Conant
  • Debra Virden

From Central Washington University:

  • Candace Chappelle
  • Raven Dean
  • Fritz Vergnani

From Western Oregon University:

  • Isaiyah Kovachy

From University of Oregon:

  • Jonathan Eskeldson

From Vancouver Island University:

  • Larissa Richards
  • Pearlanne Gray
  • Simon Trigona

From University of Puget Sound:

  • Claire Sarff-Foden

From Linfield College:

  • Kyle Evitts
  • Thomas Nast
  • John Portin

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