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Kryptos Results from 2013

One hundred and five students formed 47 teams representing colleges, universities, and academies from British Columbia, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming.

Those teams which submitted at least one correct solution are recognized below. The order of the listings indicates the chronological order of when the solutions were submitted.

A team from Pacific University solved all three challenges in 14 hours and 31 minutes.

Congratulations to all!

Master Codebreakers are those who solved all three challenges and are recognized as achieveing the

TURING level of achievement:

From Pacific University:

  • Stephanie Carter
  • Liam Dalton
  • Hanna Landrus

From Western Washington University:

  • Zac Pontrantolfi
  • Brian Schiller
  • Andrew Wray

From Western Washington University:

  • Paul Croft

Proficient Codebreakers are those who solved two challenges and are recognized as achieving the

BABBAGE level of achievement:

From the University of Washington:

  • Xiaoxu Li

From Eastern Oregon University:

  • Timmy Brown
  • Nam Nguyen
  • Gage Winde

From Carroll College:

  • Justin Courville
  • Matt Heinze
  • Nate Woods

From University of Louisville:

  • Taylor Daniels
  • Suraj Kannan
  • Adam King

Western Oregon University:

  • James Dolciamore

From Central Washington University:

  • Candace Chapelle
  • John Cox
  • Nathaniel Deardorff

From Central Washington University:

  • Raven Dean
  • Derek Wheel

Amateur Codebreakers are those who solved one of the challenges and are recognized as achieving a

PRETTY GOOD level of achievement:

From University of Oregon:

  • Jonathan Eskeldson
  • Raleigh Foster
  • Alex Kreitzberg

From Central College:

  • Riley Burkart
  • Carlin Michalek
  • Tim Wilson

From Western Washington University:

  • Daniel Baron
  • Isaac Boekelheide
  • Sky Hester

From Carroll College:

  • Devon Bathon
  • Jimmy Netz
  • Colin Willett

From Western Oregon University:

  • Erin Conant
  • Debra Virden

From Eastern Wyoming College:

  • Chad Dubry
  • Joshua Fellows

From Carroll College:

  • Tarryn Vavruska

From Carroll College:

  • Kirsten Querna
  • James Thomas

From Carroll College:

  • Alyssa Nugent

From Eastern Wyoming College:

  • Cabot Peden
  • Jennifer Rathburn-Eatherton

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