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Kryptos 7 Results

Kryptos Results from 2017

[preliminary results let know if there are any errors]

One hundred and thirty one students formed 65 teams representing colleges, universities, and schools from California, Canada, Connecticut, France, Idaho, India, Iowa, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Vermont,  and Washington.

A new Kryptos time record was set, with the fastest team completing in one hour and 25 minutes, four minutes faster than last year!  Cheryl and I promise to make things more challenging next year. :)

Those teams which submitted at least one correct solution are recognized below. The order of the listings indicates the chronological order of when the solutions were submitted.

Congratulations to all!

Master Codebreakers are those who solved all three challenges and are recognized as achieving theTURING level of achievement:

From Western Washington University:  [First Place Team!]

  • Jeff Katen
  • Jack Kovacich [from San Francisco State University]
  • Zoe Pollard

From ISEN Lille (France):  [Second Place Team!]

  • Louis Delarue
  • Simon Lecoq
  • Adrien Martinez

From the University of Waterloo:

  • Reyno Tilikaynen
  • Lily Wang

From Western Washington University:

  • Daniel Tarnu
  • Aaron Robinett
  • Abe Nurkiewicz

From Central Washington University: [First Place Individual!]

  • Shine Sun

From Eastern Oregon University:

  • Ryan Blanchard
  • Mico Murphy
  • An Dinh

From Seattle University:

  • Sean Bassler
  • Ethan Hunt
  • Jacob Wydick

From Northern Kentucky University: [Second Place Individual]

  • Nathan Dasenbrock-Gammon

From Hofstra Universitiy:

  • Grainne O'Neill

From Ed. W. Clark High School:

  • Vincent Pan
  • Nikolay Tranakiev
  • Jay Desai

From ISEN Lille (France):

  • Axel Leloup
  • Jérémy Boissel

From Western Carolina University:

  •  Peter Gardner
  •  Wesley Rogers
  •  Adam Gregory

From CUNY College of Staten Island:

  •  Rayan Ibrahim
  •  Mathew Buono
  •  Binghui Jiang

From The College of Idaho:

  •  Will Callahan
  •  Sam Chandler

From Whitworth University:

  •  Amon Ratna Sthapit

From Mount Saint Mary College:

  •  Danielle Morrison
  •  Ulises Marmol
  •  Conor Solner

Proficient  Codebreakers are those who solved two challenges and are recognized as achieving the BABBAGE level of achievement:

From Norwich University:

  • Alexis Julian
  • Paul Biello

From Quest University (Canada):

  • Peter Walters
  • Reuven White
  • John Kern

From Western New England University:

  • Jordon Lane

From Cornell College:

  • Sommer Ward
  • Xi Ren
  • Collin Smith

From The College of Idaho:

  • Florence Wavreil
  • Leo Trujillo
  • Erik Nordquist

From Western Washington University:

  • Rex Olson
  • Adam Helm

From University of Massachusetts Amherst:

  • Chenhao Huang
  • Lynn Samson
  • Michael Sadler

From Pacific University:

  • Brenna Calmer
  • Kierstin Evenson
  • Clio Skevington

From Quest University:

  • Kevin Rosenthal
  • Anita Doglioni Majer
  • Monique Beaulieu

From Wheaton College:

  • Kathleen Orechia

From Cornell College:

  • Nathan Dwyer
  • Orgho Neogi
  • Paul DeMange

From Pacific University:

  •  Dannie Wright
  •  Adrian Martin
  •  Sophia Bonar

From Linfield College:

  • William Shannon

From Western New England University:

  •  Patrick O'Brien

From Grand Valley State University:

  • Daniel Schroeder
  • Justin Johns

From Wheaton College:

  •  Scott Ogle
  •  Caleb Wastler
  •  Can Emirli

From ISEN Lille (France):

  •  Thibault Desprez
  •  Joffrey Paprocki
  •  Pierre Marez

From Mount Saint Mary College:

  •  Katie Corry
  •  Nick Laffin
  •  Allan Smith

From Quest University (Canada):

  •  Nora Aydinyan
  •  Esteban Cruz
  •  Patricio Gonzalez-Marquez

Amateur Codebreakers are those who solved one of the challenges and are recognized as achieving a PRETTY GOOD level of achievement:

From ISEN Lille (France):

  • Gary Host

From Norwich University:

  • Audrey Wyman

From Western Washington University:

  • Kimmy Taft
  • Robyn Ijima

From ISEN Lille (France):

  • Clément BRASIER

From Carnegie Mellon University:

  • Liza Sulkin
  • Ian Griswold

From Basis Independent Sillicon Valley:

  • Albert Tam

From Wheaton College:

  • Raymond Bortolot

From Wheaton College:

  • Fiona Xi Xu
  • Weiqi Feng




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