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Kryptos 5 Results

Kryptos Results from 2015


One hundred and fifty three students formed 67 teams representing colleges, universities, academies, institutes, and high schools from Alaska, California, Colorado, Florida, France, Kentucky, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, and Washington.

Those teams which submitted at least one correct solution are recognized below. The order of the listings indicates the chronological order of when the solutions were submitted.

Congratulations to all!

Note: This year's competition had a Hidden Challenge!  The plaintext associated with Challenge #3 contained a NULL cipher.  Teams which discovered (and solved) this hidden challenge are indicated with an "*".

Master Codebreakers are those who solved all three challenges and are recognized as achieving theTURING level of achievement:

From Western Washington University *:

  • Jeff Katen
  • Jack Kovacich [from San Francisco State University]
  • Zoe Pollard


From Central Washington University:

  • Spencer Shuford
  • Stacey Yesiki
  • Doug DePrekel


From Wheaton College:

  •     Amelia Jackson
  •     Sarah Varney
  •     Henry Arsenault


From Grand Valley State University:

  •     Gina Sietz


From Jesuit High School *:

  •     Madison Bozich
  •     Uma Doshi


From Jesuit High School *:

  •     Megan Lim
  •     Carson Shaar
  •     Rohan Moore


From University of Central Missouri *:

  •     Anthony Willett
  •     Luke Menges
  •     Jordon White


From Pacific University:

  •     Victor Rielly
  •     Tony Jaeger
  •     Bridget Daly


From University of Central Missouri *:

  •     Amos Bailey
  •     Joshua Covey
  •     Joanna Gossell


From Oregon Episcopal School:

  • Chandler Watson
  • Vikul Gupta


From Appalachian State University:

  •     Elisabeth Moore
  •     Joseph Linnartz
  •     Josh Carr


From Northern Kentucky University:

  • Paul Sparks
  • Alexander Fish
  • Daniel Stine


From Northern Kentucky University:

  • Nathan Dasenbrock-Gammon


From Wheaton College:

  •     Michelle Beauvais
  •     Kristina Reddy
  •     Yun Meng


From Northern Kentucky University:

  • Jason Garner


From Jesuit High School *:

  • Christopher Goodman
  • Peter Cowal
  • Amita Kashyap


Proficient  Codebreakers are those who solved two challenges and are recognized as achieving the
BABBAGE level of achievement:

From Western Washington University:

  •     Aidan Knabb
  •     Murray Pendergrass
  •     Maxwell James Millar


From University of Washington *:

  •     Vladimir Korukov
  •     Lev Dubinets
  •     Will Dana


From University of Colorado at Boulder:

  •     Elizabeth Parsons


From University of Alaska Anchorage *:

  •  Kalila Sawyer
  • Isaac Ahern
  • Jomar Nillo


From Western Washington University:

  • Daniel Tarnu
  • Andrew Caughell
  • Reilly Ferland


From Eastern Oregon University *:

  • Mark McDonald
  • Mico Murphy
  • Dean Ricker


From Eastern Mennonite University:

  •     Aaron Harder
  •     David Nester
  •     Cameron Byer


From The College of Idaho *:

  •     Rainier Barrett
  •     Erik Nordquist
  •     Leonardo Trujillo


From Idaho State University:

  • Yun Teck Lee


From Rutgers University - New Brunswick:

  •     Poorva Sampat
  •     Sidharth Ghoshal
  •     Varun Shah


From Wheaton College:

  • Bryan Jensen
  • Yunpeng Hou


From Western Washington University:

  • Kyle Andelin
  •  Kelsey Jewell
  • Maureen Sturgeon


From Norwich University:

  • Samuel Bogren
  • Joshua Hartley
  • Benjamin Jones


From Wheaton College:

  • Samantha Yager
  • Sean Weinstein


From Western Washington University:

  •     David Shorten
  •     Aaron Robinett
  •     Cj Schiller


From Mount Saint Mary College *:

  •     Ryan Seifts


From Norwich University:

  • Hannah Soper


Amateur Codebreakers are those who solved one of the challenges and are recognized as achieving a
PRETTY GOOD level of achievement:

From Bellevue College:

  • Jason Wirth
  • Jason Grills
  • Christopher Kampas


From Linfield College:

  • Delaney Aydel
  • Graham Romero
  • Alleta Maier


From Illinois Institute of Technology:

  • Tianci Zhu
  • Meng Wang


From Northern Kentucky University:

  • Kyle McCarty


From University of Central Missouri *:

  • Brandon Burns
  • Joshua Bounds
  • James Mixco


From University of Montana Western:

  • Patricia Forshey
  • Dalton Heilig


From College of Staten Island:

  • Jonathan Zacharowicz


From Wheaton College *:

  • Yue Chen


From Northern Kentucky University:

  • Trent Turner


From Franklin College:

  • Tyler Watson
  • Tyler Wernert
  • Linsey Harves


From Northern Kentucky University:

  • Jared Bryant


From Wheaton College:

  • Yiqing Cao
  • Yihong Jin


From Tarrant County College:

  • Briana Hudson
  • Kevin Castiano
  • Natalie Nelson


From The University of Puget Sound:

  • Presley Reed III
  • Amy Boersma
  • Jahrme Risner


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