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Kryptos 2022 Challenge 3

Mrs. Krabappel is a math teacher at Springfield Middle School. On Thursday, she planned to give tests to both her 4th and 5th period classes, but a fire drill at the beginning of 5th period prevented that class from getting the test. Since it was a holiday weekend, the test for the 5th period class will now be delayed until Tuesday.

Mrs. Krabappel found a paper in the desk of one of her 4th period students that she believes was left intentionally for the student who sits at the same desk during 5th period. She knows the students are friends and suspects the 4th period student was leaving the paper to somehow help the 5th period student on the test. However, the paper just looks like a puzzle worksheet with some gibberish written at the bottom. She’s asked for our help to decipher the gibberish before her class meets on Tuesday. Please help Mrs. Krabappel determine if her students were trying to put one over on her or if the student is just a fan of crosswords.

Suspicious puzzle page

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