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Kryptos 2020 Results

One hundred and sixteen students formed 49 teams representing colleges, universities, and high schools from California, France, Hong Kong, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Netherlands, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington.

Our first place finisher completed all three Challenges in five hours and 22 minutes. Eighteen teams finished at least one of the Challenges and eight completed all three.  The Kryptos CodeMasters (Stuart and Cheryl) appreciate all the hard work  the teams and individuals put into solving these challenging ciphers during these challenging times.

Those teams which submitted at least one correct solution are recognized below. The order of the listings withing each category indicates the chronological order of when the final solution was submitted.

Congratulations to all!


Master Codebreakers are those who solved all three challenges and are recognized as achieving theTURING level of achievement:

From Eastern Mennonite University: [First Place Team!]

  • Cameron Byer
  • Ben Stutzman
  • Hannah Leaman

From Wheaton College: [Second Place Team!]

  • Alvaro Guerra
  • Jill van der Schaaf
  • Jackson Reed

From Central Washington University

  • Michael Klapper (not competing for prize)

From ISEN - Lille (France):

  • Arbache Rémi
  • Delarue Paul
  • Mourier Julia

From The Pennsylvania State University and Carnegie Mellon University:

  • Wayne Zhao (PSU)
  • Thomas Wang (PSU)
  • Evelyn Kuo (CMU)

From Erasmus University Rotterdam (Netherlands):

  • Alexandre Nelva-Pasqual
  • Natalia Kutina

From ISEN Lille (France):

  • Christophe Hugueny
  • Hugo Derave
  • Florent Descamps

From Appalachian State University:

  • Zachary Dove
  • Lindsey Wise
  • Brennan Stride

Proficient  Codebreakers are those who solved two challenges and are recognized as achieving the BABBAGE level of achievement:

From Eastern Mennonite University:

  • Caleb Hostetler
  • Laura Troyer
  • Seth Andreas

From Eastern Oregon University:

  • Jazmine Juarez
  • Caden Ricker
  • Darin Hauner

From Central Washington University:

  • Kyle Brown
  • Dustin Hayes
  • Tyler Bunnell

From The University of Wisconsin Stout:

  • Hannah Baker
  • Nate Geschwill
  • Erin O'Brien

From ISEN Lille (France):

  • Nicolas Bouillet
  • Marie Pivette

Amateur Codebreakers are those who solved one of the challenges and are recognized as achieving a PRETTY GOOD level of achievement:

From The University of Washington, Bothell: (First Place Individual!)

  • Vivek Gandhi

From Corban University:

  • Tucker McNie
  • Kathleen Hiller
  • Jonathan Howe

From Eastern Mennonite University:

  • Silas Clymer
  • Isaac Andreas
  • Jonathan Reimer-Berg

From Linfield College: (Second Place Individual!)

  • Garrett Crouch

From Mount Saint Mary College:

  • Clint Enright
  • Lynsey Quackenbush
  • Michael Parker


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