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Kryptos 2014 Challenge 3


We have been following a suspect (Emily Brower) who we believe has recently stolen some important documents.  Our surveillance team lost her briefly yesterday while she was in Central Park, but we are pretty sure she placed the documents in a dead drop that we think will be serviced by a foreign diplomat (Gunther Worsteadt) who is suspected of spying for a variety of governments.  Because of his diplomatic credentials we cannot bring Worsteadt in for questioning, but through some clandestine means of questionable legality we were able to briefly examine the contents of his wallet.  We found a scrap of paper that is clearly some coded message which we believe identifies the location of the dead drop.  We took a photo of the paper before restoring it to its proper place in Worsteadt’s wallet.  We need you to help us decipher this message so we can catch him red-handed at the dead drop.  With such incriminating evidence, his diplomatic immunity will not be able to offer him much protection.

While we do not know the nature of the enciphering scheme, an operative did manage a quick look into Brower’s apartment while she was out.   There was some work on her desk that could clearly be related to the method she used to encipher the message to Worsteadt.  We’ll pass along a photo of this paraphernalia to you as well.

Time is of the essence for this one!  We hope to hear from you soon.

[scrap of paper found in wallet]

[photo of desk]

This Just In!

Cryptanalysts from a friendly country are pretty certain that the turning grille used for this encryption is not - repeat not - pictured in the photos we took.  It looks like our work is cut out for us (sorry, no pun intended).

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