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Kryptos 2014 Challenge 2

The National Spy Agency has been monitoring all communications of a terrorist group known as The Phantoms.  Special Agent Guy Gadbois has acquired intelligence that an incident will take place at the Brighton Bridge but does not know much more. The terrorists realized they were being monitored and quickly sent the last known communication in code. It is believed it contains information about the attack (location, time, date, etc.) that will allow us to thwart their intentions. Please help us decrypt this so we know when this attack may occur!

Intercepted communication:

uzs yfr uvjf kay | btoh abkqhb khgb tv hbk lk t tv bg akwv obgr 
muc utb gkzt qn


This just in! 

A recent SIGINT source indicates that "the cipher method used can be found by reading the first part of the ciphertext".  We're not exactly sure what this means, but hopefully it will help provide you with a clue to breaking this confounding cipher.

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