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Dr. Brandy Wiegers

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Biography of Dr. Brandy

I grew up in Meridian, Idaho having spent my youth as a dedicated Girl Scout and student. I graduated from the University of Idaho (in Moscow, Idaho) with Biological Systems Engineering and Mathematics Degrees. From UI I went to the University of California, Davis (near Sacramento) to complete a Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics. My research focused on computational mathematical biology and numerical analysis.

From Davis, I made my way to San Francisco State University as a Program Director of Outreach and Student Success. In this position I was the Director of the San Francisco Math Circle, the Co-Director of the SFSU (CM)^2 NSF GK12 program, and the Co-Director of the Bay Area Circle for Teachers. In addition, I had the opportunity to be involved with Math Circles, Bridge to Engineering Pathways (B2E), Adventures in Precalculus!, and various professional development efforts.

In 2015 I began working at Central Washington University as a tenure track assistant professor. My current interests include supporting my students' mathematical exploration, supporting the growth of Math Circles, and supporting undergraduate research. 

Outside of work... A photography enthusiast and foodie, my guilty pleasure is taking a photo before eating dinner or dessert, capturing fun with friends and family! 

I find being involved in community activities is where I've learned some of my most valuable life lessons. I encourage everyone to try to get involved with their community and try new experiences, like sushi, ballroom dancing, or travel because these are the memories that will last a lifetime.


Why Dr. Brandy?  Growing up as a life-time Girl Scout I was constantly surrounded by amazing women who had done amazing things with their lives and they constantly inspired me to do more with mine. That's why I believe it's so important to call myself Doctor Brandy, I want to reinforce myself as a Doctor of Math and create a role-model for our students about future careers in STEM. I always ask students what they think a Doctor in Math does, my favorite answer so far came from a 1st grader who let me know that a Math Doctor fixes sick numbers!  I don't think that's exactly what I do but it makes me smile every time!

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