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College of the Sciences
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Contest Rules

  1. Individuals or teams consisting of two or three undergraduate students are allowed to participate.
  2. No specific help or advice may be sought or received from living persons who are not part of your team.
  3. Information may be obtained from
    • Any printed published source (book, journal/magazine article, etc.)
    • Any internet source that existed prior to the start of the contest (i.e. Any website that is created solely to distribute information related to this contest is strictly off limits.)
  4. Computer programs, Java applets, and other methods to help with cryptanalysis is allowed provided:
    • Programs, applets, etc. from Internet Sources were available prior to the start of the contest (i.e. they were not written solely to help with this contest), or
    • Programs, applets, etc. are written entirely by team members.
  5. Use of sources/websites/applets must be cited and included with solution submission.
  6. For tie-breaking purposes, the time a solution is submitted will be considered. So, be sure to submit your solutions as you solve each challenge!

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