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Mathematics Department
Samuelson Hall
Room 208
(509) 963-2103

Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics

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Mathematics is one of the basic tools underlying every science.  In addition, mathematics provides a language to describe an immense variety of phenomena: from the distribution of prime numbers (useful for encrypting communications and an important area of ongoing research here at CWU) to signal processing (useful for analyzing photos and sound, as well as picking out important patterns hidden in immense data sets), mathematics finds applications everywhere.  Besides its many applications, mathematics can show us hidden beauty: how juggling sequences behave like prime numbers or how incredibly complicated fractals are consequences of simple rules.

Why should you major in mathematics at CWU?

  • All mathematics majors learn to communicate complicated ideas clearly and precisely, an important skill in all technical fields.
  • You can enroll in an honors seminar every quarter, and do research on the ideas presented in the seminar.
  • Be exposed to a wide range of research areas: number theory, differential equations, cryptology, modeling, analysis, and more.
  • Challenge yourself with the Putnam Exam, or the Kryptos competition, or the Mathematical Competition in Modeling.
  • Degree Outcomes

MATH 172 - Calculus I. Credits: (5)

MATH 173 - Calculus II. Credits: (5)

MATH 260 - Sets and Logic. Credits: (5)

MATH 265 - Linear Algebra I. Credits: (4)

MATH 272 - Multivariable Calculus I. Credits: (5)

MATH 273 - Multivariable Calculus II. Credits: (5)

MATH 299S - Seminar - Math Major Orientation.Credits: (4)  *

MATH 309 - Mathematical Computing Credits: (5) ***

Math 314 - Probability and Statistics. Credits: (5)  *


MATH 335 - Combinatorics and Graph Theory. Credits: (4) ** - or-

MATH 363 – Introductory Group Theory. Credits: (4)  ***


MATH 365 - Linear Algebra II. Credits: (4)  ***

MATH 371 - Advanced Calculus. Credits: (4)  ***

Math 376 - Differential Equations I. Credits: (3). */**

Math 377 - Differential Equations II. Credits: (3)  **/***

Math 475 - Mathematical Modeling. Credits: (4) *

Math 476 - Numerical Analysis I. Credits: (4) **

Math 477 - Numerical Analysis II. Credits: (4) ***

MATH 499S - Senior Seminar. Credits: (2)  **

Applications of Math Electives - Credits: 6

Math department-approved electives in Application-oriented courses numbered 300 or higher (could be in Math, Physics, Econ, Finance, Chemistry, Biology, or Engineering). Note that no more than 2 credits in Math 407 can be applied.

Total Credits: 75 + 6 electives: 81 credits

(visit course catalogue) | CWU BS Applied Mathematics Student Study Plan (pdf)


Note that not every course is offered every quarter. Refer to */**/*** to note when a course is likely to be offered: 

* Only offered in Fall

** Only offered in Winter

*** Only offered in Spring


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Dr. Brandy Wiegers > | 509/963.2125  | Website:

Math Department >
Brenda Bland > | 509/963.2103
F 509/963.3226

The Mathematics Department is located in Samuelson Hall.

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American Mathematical Society >
Mathematical Association of American >
Association for Women in Mathematics >

Degree Outcome

Graduates will:

  • be able to use differential and integral calculus as well as sequences and series to solve problems.
  • be able to use concepts of vector subspaces of Rn and Rn×m to solve problems.
  • be to write proofs using contrapositive, contradiction, cases, and mathematical induction.
  • know standard applications of calculus, linear algebra, and statistics.
  • be able to apply their understanding of mathematics to fields outside of mathematics.
  • be able to describe the differences between the following types of mathematics: discrete/continuous, algebraic/geometric, pure/applied, and deterministic/stochastic.
  • be able to communicate mathematical ideas through writing.
  • be able to communicate mathematical ideas orally

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