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Teacher Quality in the Okanogan Valley Grant

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Dr. Mark Oursland, TQOV Project Director and Co-Principal Investigator, is a Professor of Mathematics at Central Washington University (CWU). He brings to the grant 9 years of experience teaching secondary mathematics and science in Montana and 13 years of mathematics and mathematics education at CWU. Mark has been active in curriculum work which integrates mathematics and science instruction. Along with CWU colleagues in the science department, he has collaborated on 2 Department of Education grants which have resulted in the following publications, Integrating Watershed Inquiry to Improve Teaching and Learning (in Mathematics and Science Partnership Compendium); Cougars Across the Curriculum: Using Just in Time Technology to Support Integrated Student Research, Preservice Teacher Development, and Enhanced K-12 Learning (in Leadership Information) and Project CAT (in PT3 Compendium). Dr. Oursland received the CWU College of Education and Professional Studies Crystal Apple Teaching Award in 2006 and 2007. Mark believes that literacy issues such as reading comprehension and writing in the academic language of mathematics are the key issues to improving mathematics education in Washington state.

Dr. Andrea Sledge, TQOV Co-Principal Investigator, is an Associate Professor of Reading at Central Washington University and Director National Board Candidate Support Program. Andrea brings 29 years of experience in higher education and teacher preparation and support to the grant. Dr. Sledge's interests range from early reading behaviors to reading and writing in content fields. She has taught a content area reading course for secondary education majors regularly since 1998 and has worked with secondary teachers in New York and Washington State as part of teacher development grants. As an investigator in CWU's PT3 grant she worked with English/Language Arts, Educational Technology, and Chemistry faculty. Dr. Sledge has published a textbook chapter and articles published in the areas of family literacy support. She also has published work on supportive community research and learning across content area instructional areas.

Dr. Christina Curran, TQOV Co-Principal Investigator, has been a Professor in the Department of Education at Central Washington University, with expertise in inclusive and special education. She will be associated with the University of Northern Iowa beginning Fall 2008. Chris has worked as a classroom teacher and in novice teacher support for 9 years in Kansas and New Mexico. She has worked in higher education in preservice and inservice teacher development for 11 years. Dr. Curran brings a background of research and educator preparation in the areas of inclusive education practices such as collaboration and differentiated instruction for at-risk populations as well as effective literacy supports. She developed the academic literacy framework, CRAFT, utilized in the TQOV grant. Chris is co-author of a book on effective middle school practices for diverse learners and President-Elect for the Council for Learning Disabilities, an international organization. Chris believes that the use of effective academic literacy practices in mathematics open doors for many more students to achieve at higher levels and with deeper understanding.

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