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3D Printing

Below is information about printing your own 3D objects and CWU's Undergraduate 3D printing projects including Calculus, Topology, and other mathematical topics

How is 3D printing useful?


  •  See how 3D printing has changed the world we live in (click here)


Printing your own 3D Objects...


Basic Printing Design Resources:

Printing in the Math Department

Please use the following form to submit any 3D printing requests,

Central Undergraduate 3d Printing Projects

See the following projects including:

Integral Calculus: 

Other Calculus


Other Awesome Math Topics


Integral Calculus

Slicing a Sphere

By S. Welton and J. Johannsessen

Paper (.pdf), 3D printed files (.stl)


Volume of a Tunnel (1/2 a Cylinder)

By. G. Epp and J. Erdman


The Disk Method

By S. Turner, G. Sullivan, and C. Nambo

Integrating an Ice Cream Cone 

By B. Degidio and T. Lackie

Conic Sections

By J. Joy and C. Graden


Other Calculus Topics


By J. Alarcon and T. Lenell

Sine Rotated around the y-axis.

By E. Henderson and D. Whitaker




Mobius Strips

By G. Epp

Klein Bottles

By T. Lenell and B. Degidio


Other Awesome Mathematical Topics




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