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Math Honors

CWU Math Honors Seminars

The math department offers two honors seminars every quarter, providing opportunities for our students to delve into topics in mathematics that are not covered in typical coursework.  Check out the information below to learn more about current honors seminars and past seminar topics.

Current Honors Seminars - Winter 2018

Check out the topics and times below to learn more.


Math 207. Project Euler: Programming and Problem Solving for Math Students.

Thursday 11:00 - 11:50 am. (13653)

InstructorDr. Jean Marie Linhart

Description: Project Euler ( provides a rich and fun library of problems to introduce math and computer science students to using programming as a problem-solving tool. In this course, you will get an introduction to Python and develop resume-worthy computer and problem-solving skills.

This seminar is open to all students at Central!


Math 407. Elliptic Curves: A Complete Study… (sort of).

Tuesday 11:00 - 11:50 am. (13735)

Instructor: Dr. Boersma

DescriptionElliptic curves are simply curves in the plane satisfying a simple algebraic equation… sort of.  Elliptic curves are just simple sets of ordered pairs… sort of.  Elliptic curves allow two individuals to share a private key simply by communicating over public channels… sort of.  Elliptic curves form the basis for the cryptocurrency Bitcoin… sort of.  We will take a look at elliptic curves and see what all this buzz is about (sort of).

This seminar is open to all math majors.


Past Seminar Topics have included:

Lower-Division (Math 207)

  • Project Euler (Winter 2018, Linhart)
  • Mathematics of Social Justice (Fall 2017, Klyve)
  • Iteration (Spring 2017, Boersma)
  • Math of the Game of Set (Winter 2017, Bisgard)
  • Probability Games (Fall 2016, Wiegers)
  • Math at Central Fieldtrip Seminar (Spring 2016, Wiegers)
  • Creating Contextual Problems (Winter 2016, Miller)
  • Mathematical Patterns  (Fall 2015, Wiegers)
  • Triangles
  • Number Theory
  • Weird Numbers
  • Recursive Functions
  • Intuitive Topology


Upper Division (Math 407)

  • Elliptical Curves (Winter 2018, Boersma)
  • Putnam Exam Preparation/ Problem Solving (Fall 2017, Bisgard)
  • Fractals Everywhere! (Spring 2017, Fassett)
  • Math and Art (Winter 2017, Wiegers)
  • Putnam Exam Preparation/ Problem Solving (Fall 2016, Bisgard)
  • Three-Dimensional Printing (Spring 2016, Wiegers)
  • Gödel, Escher, Bach (Part 1) by D. Hofstadter (Winter 2016, Wiegers)
  • Fractals and Chaos (Fall 2015, Fassett)
  • The sum-of-divisors function
  • Model Theory and Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem
  • Partially-ordered Sets

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