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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Searching for graduate schools and chosing a program

When choosing a program, there is a lot to consider. Keep these  things in mind while choosing a school and a program.

Department: Certain institutions are known for certain departments. Check out the U.S. News Best Graduate Schools and research online.
Faculty: Research the reputation and areas of specialization of the faculty.
Facilities: Find out about the libraries, laboratories, and research facilities. What is the depth of the library collection in your particular field of interest?
Size: There are advantages and disadvantages to both small and large universities.
Placement: Where do graduates go after completing the program?
Degree Requirements: List all requirements such as residency, unit requirements, language requirements, examinations, candidacy, dissertation, or thesis.

Also take time to consider other things, like location, level of support from family, friends, and faculty, and funding.

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