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RSVP Director Carol Findley Receives Service Award

Lt. Governor Cyrus Habib presented The “Bill Basl Commitment to Service” Award to to Carol Findley on October 20 at a ceremony in Seattle.

For those of you not familiar with RSVP, the program engages people who are at least 55 years of age in volunteer service by providing quality experiences that will enrich the lives of the volunteers as well as those they serve.

As RSVP director Carol Findley supports more than 250 RSVP volunteers who provide critical services throughout Kittitas County. Carol Findley Receives Bill Basl Service Award 2017

As if the day-to-day operational support for the RSVP in Kittitas County wasn’t enough to keep her busy, she also serves as a coach and mentor to new RSVP directors from across the state to help them successfully transition into their new position.   

But her support of national service programming doesn’t stop there. 

For the last nine years she served as a Governor–appointed member of the commission including two years as our Vice Chair.

As a commissioner, she helped increase visibility for national service by engaging local elected officials in the Mayor, County and Tribal Leaders Day of Recognition for National Service, promoted cross-stream collaboration among AmeriCorps members and RSVP volunteers, and ensures that AmeriCorps and VISTA members serve on their advisory council to promote intergenerational service collaboration.   

Carol is always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. It’s no surprise that a tag line on her email states: “You were give two hands, one to help yourself, and one to help others.” 


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