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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Preparing Graduate Student Research Support Application

Download the full application instructions with budget templates prior to filling out the online application form. Once you begin the online application, there is not the option to save your work and then return at a later time.

A letter of support from your Graduate Committee Chair is a requirement. This is the link to share with your committee chair so that they can submit their letter directly to the Graduate School: Letter of Support

The full instructions including the budget templates are available here:

Graduate Student Research Support Award Application

General Information

The School of Graduate Studies and Research’s (SGSR) Faculty Development and Research Council (FDRC) has established a limited number of competitive research support awards for qualified graduate students of CWU. Please check the SGSR website ( for this year’s application deadlines. The application must be submitted by 12:00 midnight via an online submission form on the appropriate deadline dates.

Application Instructions

You are required to upload one scanned pdf or word document in an online application submission form. Please have all of the application materials completed in advance prior to online submission. Once you begin the online application, there is no option to save your work and then return at a later time. Your application package (one PDF) should contain the following information:

1) Typed abstract or creative artistic statement of the project (cannot exceed 200 words).
2) Typed project description of eight pages or less (single sided, double spaced, 12 point font) that includes the following labeled sections:
a) Project goals and objectives
b) Relationship to previous research/knowledge or creative activity in the field (literature review) including relationship to your previous work
c) Significance of the research/project
d) Clear statement of methodology/research design or creative approach
e) Timeline of research/creative activity for successful completion of the project
f) Anticipated results or artistic achievement
g) Plans for dissemination - this should also include an assessment of the potential for the project to lead to external funding.
h) Cited literature or References (not included in 8-page limitation)
3) Detailed budget and budget justification, including costs of supplies and materials, equipment, and other relevant costs. All purchased equipment and unused supplies must remain in the property of Central Washington University. Budget templates for supplies and travel are included in this application packet. Funds CANNOT be used for financial incentives/ reimbursement for human research participants, or projects required as part of standard coursework.


4) VITAE: attach curriculum vitae or resume (up to 2 pages; single sided) emphasizing appropriate research, scholarly, or artistic achievements.
5) If applicable, include letter of approval for human/animal subjects’ clearance and for standard operating procedures involving the handling of dangerous animals, equipment, or materials. If approval is pending, check the ‘pending’ option on the online submission form.
6) Documentation of your letter of support request that was sent to your chair.

Note: Attachments (unless they are documents included in the above appendix list) will not be accepted and will result in disqualification.

Supplies Budget Information
(templates for supplies and travel are included in the full instruction sheet)

Prioritize and explain each supply expense. Consider, if you are not fully funded, which aspects of your budget would be the most important to be funded. Include the relevance of all budget items in your justification. Limit your requests to essential items. General expense categories that are not justified may not be funded. For example, listing “miscellaneous office supplies –  $75” would need  to be  further detailed, reasonable, and essential.

If you are requesting equipment, indicate the estimated unit cost for each item to be purchased, and briefly justify the need for each item. If you require materials and supplies, itemize them by nature of expense. Provide the basis for cost estimates or computations (e.g., vendor quotes, photocopies of catalog pages, internet URL of catalog, prior purchase of similar or like items, etc.).

If you request chemicals, be specific. Include the name of the chemical, the amount of the chemical needed, and the unit price. For example if your project requires Acetic Acid, state the chemical (Acetic Acid 0.5%), amount needed (16 oz.) and price ($23.50). Please include the basis of your price estimate (ex. Poly Scientific catalog:

All funds must be consumed within 12 months of notification of award and unused funds will revert back to the SGSR, unless otherwise specified. Please note that CWU policies regarding purchases and travel will pertain. If the recipient receives an award after he/she has expended funds for a project, he/she may be reimbursed for those expenses for which they have kept receipts but those reimbursable receipts must be turned into the SGSR within two weeks of the award notification and within the same fiscal year, which runs from July 1 – June 30. Retroactive travel expenses will not apply. Refer to the Business and Financial Affairs website for full information.

Expenditures are limited to those items detailed in the original proposal. The dean of the SGSR must approve any significant changes to the proposed budget in advance.

All items purchased by the Graduate Student Research Support Award become the property of the University. All equipment purchased must be placed on inventory and may receive a CWU account number according to regular University procedures before it can be used on a project. The disposition of equipment, after the completion of the project, is negotiated by your graduate committee chair, the department chair, college dean, and the SGSR dean.


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