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School of Graduate Studies and Research

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Kevin Archer, Dean of Graduate Studies and ResearchHello, welcome to the School of Graduate Studies and Research at Central Washington University (CWU)!  I am very pleased that you are taking the time to check us out.  It must mean that you want to keep moving forward with your academic or professional career and, to my mind, CWU is the best place to make this happen. With our award winning, teaching oriented faculty, you will never be just an anonymous graduate student in an endless sea of equally anonymous students. You will instead be actively mentored by faculty who know your background and current desires well and who treat you as the emerging professional colleague that you aspire to be. Because of the more intimate size of our graduate school, CWU is the best place to really learn how to be a graduate student and therefore how best to actually attain the goals you have set out for yourself, whatever these may be: an eventual Ph.D. degree or career-advancing skills upgrading or…?

Have a look through our website to determine the best possible fit for you.  We now offer 31 graduate degree programs ranging from Applied Behavior Analysis, Geological Sciences, and Health and Physical Education on to Information Technology and Administrative Management, Higher Education, and Music and further on to Professional Accountancy, Resource Management, and Theatre Production/Studies.  Click on these and other programs (including 6, and counting, fully online Master’s Degree programs) in the following pages to determine specific degree requirements as well as to get to know the program faculty and departments which offer these programs.  I guarantee that you will find what it is you are looking for in an advanced degree here at CWU.  And, in the off chance that you do not, stay tuned!  The School of Graduate Studies and Research is constantly moving forward with plans for new degree programs including graduate certificates for those who desire advanced credentials but who cannot, for whatever reason, pursue a full Master’s degree.

So, again, thanks for checking us out.  I truly believe that, because of our very engaged, student-centered graduate faculty, we are one of the best places to earn a Master’s degree, certainly in the Northwest.  We are also a great value in terms of student success and relatively low tuition rates.  So take some time to explore our website.  If you have any questions after such an exploration, do not hesitate to contact me directly via email:; phone: 509.963.3100; or stop by my office: Barge Hall 214, the next time you are in Ellensburg.  My door is always open and I very much look forward to meeting you.

Also, please note that CWU’s satellite campuses and online master’s degree programs give place-bound students additional flexibility to pursue advanced degrees. Graduate Studies faculty and advisors work closely with students to ensure their academic success.Click for a List of Programs and Online Programs.


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