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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Individual Studies

Currently on hold. Not accepting applications at this time.

Program Director
Kevin Archer, Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research

Individual Studies, MA, Med, MS, MFA

The purpose of the Individual Studies Master (ISM) Program is to afford highly qualified and motivated applicants the opportunity to create sound master’s degree programs that do not already exist at CWU.  Candidates must meet with Dr. Kevin Archer, Dean of the Graduate School prior to acceptance into an Individual Studies program. These programs may be interdisciplinary in nature or focus on unique subject areas, but a student may only propose such a program when the curricula of regular graduate degree programs cannot be adjusted via Individual Studies 596 courses to meet the individuals’ career objectives and/or needs. The approval of such programs is dependent upon:

  • The evidenced qualifications of the applicant and evidence the applicant has the ability to complete the proposed ISM
  • The institution’s ability to provide a sufficient number of currently available relevant graduate level courses
  • A sufficient number of faculty qualified and committed to work with the student
  • Adequate scholarly and/or creative resources

CWU will offer ISM programs only in fields where appropriate expertise and other resources exist as determined by the dean of School of Graduate Studies and Research and the Academic Standards Committee (ASC) of the Graduate Council.

For full program description, requirements and procedures, refer to the Central Washington University Graduate Catalog.

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