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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Graduation Procedures and Deadlines

Please follow these timelines rather than the deadlines posted by the registrar for undergraduate students.



Fall  2016

Winter 2017

Spring 2017

Summer 2017

Final Folder Check
This is your application for graduation.
If for any reason you do not graduate the quarter that you have requested the folder check for you must complete another folder check for the quarter that you will graduate.

On line Form

Sept. 27, 2016Jan. 10, 2017April
3, 2017
23, 2017

Permit to Schedule Orals/Portfolio review/Final exam

Nov. 18, 2016Feb. 10, 2017May 12, 2017July 21, 2017

Thesis Option Students
Download Guidelines

Download Thesis Submission Flow Chart


- Final "Turn It In" version will be due  and all fees paid by these dates


Nov. 28, 2016

Mar. 3, 2017

May 26, 2017

Aug. 4, 2017

ALL degree requirements completed

Dec. 2, 2016Mar. 10, 2017June 2, 2017Aug. 18, 2017


  • Final Folder Check Requests - must be done on line - click Here for the web form.

  • Fees: $15 degree fee must be paid 

  • Projects are submitted directly to your department. Thesis are submitted through Canvas. You must have access to Canvas (indicated on your final folder request).

  • All degree candidates must complete the Exit Survey.

  • ALL degree requirements including clearance of "incompletes" must be cleared by the ALL degree requirements completed deadline (Above).

  • Commencement and Hooding Ceremony information can be found here.  Master's degree recipients wear hoods as part of their regalia, you can find what color hood you need here.




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