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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Grad Students: Tell Your Story!

The SGSR is highlighting our graduate students’ stories about why you chose CWU, what you've accomplished while you've been here and what you plan to do next.

The SGSR knows our vision and mission starts with you, our students. We would like to share your stories about you, your experiences at CWU, and your contributions locally, regionally and nationally. You have a lot to share and a lot of things to be proud of as a member of the CWU family and the world as a whole. It’s time for us to really focus on you and share this information with our administrators as budgetary and programmatic decisions are being reviewed.

Therefore, we are video taping volunteer graduate students in their learning and working environment within the next five weeks. This includes online and distance education students. Students not on campus can be remotely video taped.  Stories will be highlighted individually and/or compiled with all of those we collect. Please be a part of our project – please allow us to learn and share your goals, accomplishments and dreams. You have earned and deserve this respect.

If you are interested please email the Associate Dean of the SGSR, Dr. Natalie Lupton, at using your CWU email.

If you are not interested in a full interview, you may email Carly Batist at  She is the Graduate Student Association student social media director.  She has forms on Google Docs for you to fill out that are less formal Grad Student Spotlights:

And Professor Spotlights:

Using these forms, she may highlight you on the Facebook page:

Check it out, two of our students have been highlighted already!

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