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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Forms and Documents

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The Graduate School provides a number of documents for all of our constituents: future and current graduate students, CWU faculty, and alumni. Use the links below to download the documents that you need.


Prospective Graduate Students:

Document NameDescription

Admission Application Form
[download PDF | DOC ]

Prospective students can print this form to apply to the graduate school. Alternatively, prospective students can use the on-line application form.

Letter of Recommendation Form
[download PDF | DOC]

Prospective applicants provide a copy of this recommendation request to those from whom they are seeking a recommendation for admission to graduate school. On-line forms are available through the on-line application process.

Application Fee Waiver [download PDF | DOC]

Use this form if you think you are eligible to have your admissions application fee waived based on your financial situation.


Current Graduate Students:

Document NameDescription

Course of Study Form [download DOC]

List the courses that you will take toward your master's degree. You will need to file this form before you have accumulated 25 quarter credits towards your degree and may be required to submit this form earlier if you are applying for grants, fellowships, or financial aid.

Substitution Form     [download PDF | DOC]

You will need to file this form if you need to replace a class on your course of study with a different class.

Graduate Committee and Option Approval Form   [download PDF | DOC]

Lists your graduate committee and the option (thesis, examination, or project) that you are selecting for your degree. File with the Graduate School as soon as you have formed a committee and selected your thesis option.  It may also be required for certain CWU grants and fellowships.

Human Subjects Review Committee (HSRC)              [visit the website]

Any research at CWU that involves human participants must receive review and approval by CWU's human subjects and administrators. 

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC)     [visit the website]

Any research at CWU that involves non-human animals must receive review and approval by CWU's animal protections administrators.

Thesis General Regulations [DOC]

 Thesis General Regulations should be followed by all students completing the thesis option.

Final Folder Check - REQUEST to Graduate

All graduate students must complete the on-line folder check request for a final review of their file no later than the first week of their final quarter. Check here for current dates. If for any reason you do not graduate the quarter that you have requested the folder check for you must complete another folder check for the quarter that you will graduate.

Name, Gender, or Social Security Number Change Form [download PDF | DOC]

Use this form to let the Graduate School know when you have changed your name, social security number, or gender.  Be sure to include any necessary documentation (i.e. marriage certificate)


Student Funding:

Document NameDescription

Assistantship Application [download PDF | DOC]

Use this form to apply for a teaching, staff, or research assistantship at CWU. 
Nonresident 50% Tuition Waiver Information Sheet [Download PDF]
Recommendation Form [Download DOC]
To be considered for a university fellowship, applicants must be recommended by the degree program’s Coordinator. [More information]

Master's Student Research or Creative Activity Award
[Download PDF/DOC]

Semi-Annual awards designed to help students with supplies, equipment or travel expenses related to their research for their thesis or project [More information]

Master's Student Summer Fellowship
[Download PDF/DOC]

Summer fellowship stipends of $3,500 designed to help students focus on research for their thesis or project [More Information]

Student Travel Grant 

Travel funding is available for graduate students who are presenting research or creative work. Click Here for Full Instructions


Graduate Faculty:

Document NameDescription

Recommendation for Graduate Faculty Status
[download PDF | DOC]

Department chairs and program directors use this form to recommend a faculty member for regular, associate, special, or retired graduate faculty status.


Faculty Funding:

Document NameDescription

Grants and Contract Handbook [download PDF]

This guide provides a brief overview of general university policies and federal regulations and outlines the major administrative responsibilities of principal investigators and program directors.

Pre-proposal Approval Form [download DOC]

This document allows the Graduate School to better coordinate with you on your grant proposal.

Faculty Research and Creative Activities fellowship award
[download PDF/DOC]

Semi-Annual award of up to $3,000.00 to assist faculty with research support [More Information]

Faculty Research Appointment designed for NEW PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT
Academic Year
[download PDF/DOC]
[download PDF/DOC]


Awards available for new program, specialization or certificate development [More Information]

Faculty Appointment designed for RESEARCH OR CREATIVE ACTIVITY

The SGSR is currently suspending these appointments as of 2016-2017 Academic year.
Faculty Travel Award

Funding is available for faculty who are presenting research or creative work. Faculty may apply for one trip per fiscal year, in an amount up to $300 in matching funds. Click here for full details



Diploma Reorder Requests:

Document NameDescription

Diploma Reorder Request    [download DOC]

Use this form to request a duplicate diploma for your graduate degree.


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