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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Faculty GAP Grants

The Faculty Development and Research Committee (FDRC) has established a limited number of competitive GAP grants intended
  1. to support faculty who are completing a major externally funded project and preparing their next proposal, or
  2. to provide support for resubmitting a proposal that was not funded, but received strong reviews.


The applicant must hold a full-time, continuing academic year faculty appointment at the rank of assistant professor or higher. Applicants on professional leave or unpaid leave of absence are not eligible for academic year appointments. It is expected that the faculty member shall return to the University for one academic year following completion of the GAP award. Applications must be endorsed by the Department Chair and College Dean.


A detailed budget for GAP is not necessary for FDRC approval. After a faculty member receives a GAP award by the FDRC they will meet with the AVP for Graduate Studies to discuss the resources necessary to prepare the proposal.


  1. Proposals supported with GAP grants must be for research or institutional programs.
  2. All faculty who receive this award must submit an extramural grant proposal as the project director/principal investigator within six months following completion of the GAP award.
  3. The proposed extramural grant must be for a minimum of $300,000

The application

The application with complete instructions is available from the faculty funding portion of the Forms and Documents page.

Review and evaluation of applications

The application must be approved by the Department Chair and the appropriate College Dean before submission to the FDRC. Each member of the Committee will receive a copy of the submitted application for purposes of review and recommendation. The proposal must contain the following information:

  1. A progress report on the previous grant including a summary of the activities of the previous project, details of resulting publications, professional presentations and student involvement
  2. Information on the funding agency, contact information and any documentation of previous contact with the agency or program officer
  3. Deadline information
  4. A 500 word abstract of the project under preparation
  5. For proposal resubmissions, copies of reviewers' comments must be provided


GAP grant applications are accepted at anytime.

Final Report

The awardees may use the progress report submitted to the funding agency as their final report.