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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Exit Survey


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from the Central Washington University Graduate School. All graduating students are expected to complete this survey as part of completing their degree. Your honest and thoughtful responses to this survey will help CWU evaluate and improve our graduate programs.

This survey gathers personally identifiable information, such as your name and student ID number, to ensure that only graduating students complete the survey. The Grad Office will not release your information to anyone. All reports prepared from this survey will use aggregate data only.

Part I: Personal Information

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Part II: General Educational Info


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What is your degree concentration?

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Other education questions


Part III: Program evaluation

Select your level of agreement for each of the statements about your graduate program below.


Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agreeNot applicable
The faculty teaching courses in my program were effective teachers.
Courses in my major were academically challenging.
The intellectual caliber of students in my graduate program was high.
Courses in my major were offered frequently enough for timely completion of degree requirements
I was satisfied with the variety of courses available to me as a graduate student.
Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agreeNot applicable
My adviser and I met at regular intervals to discuss my progress towards my degree.
The information provided to me by my adviser regarding my course of study was accurate and helpful.
My adviser displayed a personal interest in my progress towards my educational goals.
My adviser gave helpful feedback on my master's thesis, project, or creative activity.
My adviser gave prompt feedback on my master's thesis, project, or creative activity.
My adviser provided adequate opportunities for research or creative activity outside of my thesis or major project.
Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agreeNot applicable
The Graduate School office handled my application for admission to graduate study efficiently.
Requests for information from the Graduate School Office were handled in a timely manner.
Graduate School staff members were willing to help me resolve problems.
Staff members in the Graduate School office were friendly when I approached them with problems.
Standards for admission to graduate study were clear and understandable.
The Graduate Office website featured useful information.
The Graduate Office website was easy to use.
The Graduate School staff was effective in explaining procedures for me to follow to complete requirements for my degree.
Strongly disagreeDisagreeAgreeStrongly agreeNot applicable
Library resources were adequate to support my class needs.
Library resources were adequate to support my research needs.
Library staff members were helpful with my requests for assistance.
The hours of operation of the library were adequate for my needs.
Computer equipment that was available was adequate for my class and research needs.
Wireless internet access on campus was adequate for my class and research needs.


Part IV: Summary


Graduate Office services
Graduate faculty
Faculty advisor
Instruction in graduate classes
Library services
Technology services



Part V: Your plans after graduating from Central

Please use the space below to share any recommendations you might have to improve graduate education programs at Central or to make any additional comments.


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