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School of Graduate Studies and Research

CWU Graduate Programs

Army Reserve Officers' Training CorpsSpecializations: Joining Army ROTC and becoming an officer is possible as a graduate student.

Contact info: Andrew Van Den Hoek (509) 963-3518

Art (M.F.A.)
Admissions: Fall

Specializations: Ceramics, Computer Art, Jewelry & Metal Smithing, Painting & Drawing, Photography, Sculpture

Contact info: Professor Steve Robison,, (509) 963-1617

English (M.A.)
Admissions: Fall/Winter

Specializations: Literature, TESOL

Contact info: Dr. Liahna Armstrong,, (509) 963-1546, Mailstop: 7558

History (M.A.)
Admissions: Fall

Specializations: Department list of 30+ fields of study

Contact info: Dr. Dan Herman,, (509) 963-1655, Mailstop: 7553

Music (M.M.)
Admissions: Fall, (Music Education: Summer)

Specializations: Composition, Conducting, Performance, Performance & Pedagogy, Music Education

Contact info: Dr. Daniel Lipori,, (509) 963-1242, Mailstop: 7458

Theatre Arts (M.A.)
Admissions: Summer

Specialization: Theatre Production

Contact info: Professor Scott Robinson,, (509) 963-1273, Mailstop: 7460

Theatre Arts (M.A.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Theatre Studies

Contact info: Dr. Jay Ball,, (509) 963-1716, Mailstop: 7460


Accounting (M.P.A.)
Admissions: Rolling

Specialization: Professional Accountancy

Contact info:  Dr. Marvin Bouillon;; (509) 963-3340

Advanced Programs (M.Ed.)
Admissions: Rolling Online Option

Specializations: School Administration; Higher Education

Instructional Leadership currently not accepting applications

Contact info: Dr. Henry Williams;; (509) 963-1751

Educational Foundations & Curriculum (M.Ed.)
Admissions: Rolling

Specializations: Master Teacher

Contact info: Dr. Kelly Benson;; (509) 963-1198

Family and Consumer Sciences (M.S.)
Admissions: Rolling Family Studies

Contact info: Dr. Duane Dowd;; (509) 963-2791
Family and Consumer Sciences (M.S.)
Admissions: Rolling

Specialization: Career and Technical Education 

Contact info: Dr. Kimberlee Bartel;; (509) 963-2766

Physical Education, School, and Public Health (M.S.) Admissions: Summer Online Programs

Specialization: Athletic AdministrationHealth & Physical Education

Contact info: Dr. Kirk Mathias;;  (509) 963-1051

Information Technology and Administrative Management (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall
Specialization: ITAM                                                   

Contact info: Chet Claar;; (509) 963-2618 / Susie Johnson; (509) 963-2620

Language, Literacy, & Special Education (M.Ed.)
Admissions: Summer Online Program


Contact info:  Dr. Sharryn Walker;; (509) 963-2133

Industrial & Engineering Technology (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Engineering Technology

Contact info: Dr. Darren Olson;; (509) 963-1913

Nutrition, Exercise and Health Sciences (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

David GeeLeo D’AcquistoSpecializations: Exercise Science; Nutrition

Contact info: Dr. Leo D’Acquisto;; (509) 963-1911; Dr. David Gee;; (509) 963-2772

Special Education (M.Ed.)
Online program

Specializations: Special Education

Contact info: Dr. Janet Spybrook
Black Hall 204-14.  (509) 963-1861

Biological Sciences (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Biology specializations: Botany; Stream Ecology & Fisheries; Microbiology & Parasitology; Terrestrial Ecology

Contact info: Dr. Jason Irwin;; (509) 963-2884

Chemistry (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Dion RiveraSpecialization: Chemistry

Contact info: Dr. Dion Rivera;; (509) 963-2811

Computer Science (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Computational Science

Contact info: Dr. Filip Jagodzinski;; (509) 963-1435

Geology (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specializations: Active & Regional Tectonics; Continental Dynamics & Seismology; Environmental Geochemistry; GeomorphologyGeomorphology & Climate Change, Paleohydrology & Volcanology

Contact info: Dr. Lisa Ely;; (509) 963-2177

Law & Justice (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Law and Justice

Contact info: Dr. Cody Stoddard;; (509) 963-3208

Mathematics  (M.A.T.)
Admissions: Summer

Specialization: Mathematics Teaching

Contact info: Dr. Michael Lundin;; (509) 963-1398

Political Science

Specialization: Public Administration

Contact Info: Dr Bang-Soon Yoon:
(509) 963-2961

Primate Behavior (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Primate Behavior

Contact info: Dr. Lori Sheeran;; (509) 963-1434

Psychology (M.S.)
Admissions: Rolling

Specialization: Experimental Psychology

Contact info: Dr. Kara Gabriel;; (509) 963-2387

Psychology (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Applied Behavior Analysis

Contact info: Dr. Sadie Lovett;; (509) 963-3453

Psychology (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Mental Health CounselingDr Elizabeth Haviland

Contact info: Dr. Elizabeth Haviland;; (509) 963-2254

Psychology (Ed.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: School Psychology

Contact info: Dr. Heath Marrs;; (509) 963-2349

Resource Management  (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Anthropology

Contact info: Dr. Steve Hackenberger; ; (509) 963-3224

Resource Management (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Geography

Contact info: Dr. Karl Lillquist;; (509) 963-1184

For information on accreditation of programs, please see the Associate Provost's page.