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School of Graduate Studies and Research

CWU Graduate Programs

Central Washington University Graduate Programs - Alphabetical List


Athletic Administration
Computational Science
Cultural and Environmental Resource Management
English Literature
English Online Professional and Creative Writing
English TESOL
Experimental Psychology
Family and Child Life
Family and Consumer Sciences - Career and Technical Education
Fine Arts
Geological Sciences
Health and Physical Education
Higher Education
Individual Studies
Information Technology and Administrative Management
Integrative Human Physiology
Law and Justice
Master of Arts for Teachers
Master Teacher
Mental Health Counseling
Primate Behavior
Public Health
Rural and Community Health Graduate Certificate
Safety and Health Management
School Administration
School Psychology
Special Education (On hold not accepting application at this time)
Theatre Production
Theatre Studies

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Programs (listed by College)


Art (M.F.A.)
Admissions: Fall

Specializations: Ceramics,Drawing, Graphic Design, Jewelry & Metal Smithing, Painting, Photography, Sculpture

Contact info: Assistant Professor Rachel Kirk, (509) 963-2665

English (M.A.)
Admissions: Rolling

Specializations: Literature

Contact info: Dr. Christopher Schedler, (509) 963-3432

English (M.A.)
Admissions: Rolling

Specializations: TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Contact Info: Dr. Charles (Xingzhong) Li; (509) 963-1598

English (M.A.)
Admissions: Fall
(Online program)

Specialization: Professional and Creative Writing

Contact info: Dr. Katharine Whitcomb; (509) 963-1865

History (M.A.)
Admissions: Fall

Specializations: Department list of 30+ fields of study

Contact info: Dr. Roxanne Easley;  (509) 963-1877

Music (M.M.)
Admissions: Fall

Music Education: Admissions: Summer

Specializations: Composition, Conducting, Performance, Pedagogy, Music Education

Contact Info: Dr. Nikolas Caoile (509) 963-1251

Contact info: (For the ABC Program Only) Dr. Bret P. Smith (509) 963-1548 Mailstop: 7458

Theatre Arts (M.A.)
Admissions: Summer

Specialization: Theatre Production

Contact info: Christina (Tina) Barrigan (509) 963- 1273 Mailstop: 7460

Theatre Arts (M.A.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Theatre Studies

Contact info: Christina (Tina) Barrigan (509) 963-1273,  Mailstop: 7460



Curriculum, Supervision and Educational Leadership (MEd)

Applicants must provide copy of valid WA State Teaching Certificate

Admissions: Rolling
(Online program)

Specialization: Master Teacher

Contact info: Dr. Eric Hougan; (509) 963-3830

Curriculum, Supervision and Educational Leadership (Master of Arts for Teachers)
Applicants seeking Washington State Residency Teacher Certification and a Masters degree. 

Admissions: Winter or Summer cohorts

Specialization: Secondary and K-12
Specialization: Special Education

Contact info: Dr. Denise Shaw, (509) 963-2259
For More information download this document.

Winter Cohort applications are due August 15; Summer cohort applications are due January 15

Curriculum, Supervision and Educational Leadership  (MEd) Admissions: Rolling
(Online program)

Specialization: School Administration

Contact info: Dr. Donald Wattam,  (509) 963-3075

Applicants who are seeking Certification only who have already earned and ARE NOT SEEKING a Master's Degree please click here for  Admission Procedures
Curriculum, Supervision and Educational Leadership (MEd) Admissions: No summer starts: Fall, Winter, Spring
(Online program)
Specialization: Higher Education

Contact info: Dr. Donald Wattam,  (509) 963-3075

Education, Development, Teaching and Learning  (MEd)
Admissions: Summer
(Online Program)

Specialization: Literacy

This program is currently under revision and not accepting applications. Please check again after September 2019 for possible application dates for the 2020 cohort.

Contact info:  Dr. Sharryn Walker; (509) 963-2133

Education, Development, Teaching and Learning (MEd)

Specialization: Special Education

This program is currently under revision and not accepting applications. Interested parties are encouraged to email Dr. Lappin-Castillo.

Contact info:  Dr. Wendie Lappin-Castillo (509) 963-1104

Engineering Technologies, Safety, and Construction
Admissions: Fall
Uneven years starting 2019

(Online Program)

Specialization: Safety and Health Management

Contact Info: Dr. Morgan Bliss;
(509) 963-1740

Family and Child Life (M.S.)
Admissions: Summer and Fall

Specialization: Family and Child Life

Contact info: Dr. Amy Claridge; Amy.Claridge@cwu (509) 963-2758
Family and Consumer Sciences (M.S.)
Admissions: Summer and Fall

Specialization: Career and Technical Education 

Contact info: Dr. Kimberlee Bartel; (509) 963-1970

Health Sciences (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Integrative Human Physiology

Contact info: Dr. Karen Roemer; (509) 963-2746

Health Sciences (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Nutrition

Contact info: Dr. David Gee; (509) 963-2772

Health Sciences (M.P.H) Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Public Health

Contact Info: Dr Tishra Beeson; (509) 963 2494

Information Technology and Administrative Management  (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall
(Online program/Administrative Management on campus option)
Specializations: Information Technology, Administrative Management, Cybersecurity  or Structures of Data Analytics for IT Managers                                            

Contact info: Dr. Natalie Lupton;; (509) 963-2064

Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies (M.S.)
Admissions: Summer
(Hybrid online program)

Specializations: Health and Physical Education

Contact info: Dr. Mark Perez; (509) 963-1919

Physical Education, School Health and Movement Studies (M.S.)
Admissions: Summer

(Online program)

Specialization:  Athletic Administration
Contact info: Dr. Rory Weishaar; 509-963-2265


Biology (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Biology

Contact info: Dr. Jason Irwin, (509)963-2884

Chemistry (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer

Specialization: Chemistry

Contact info: Dr. Carin Thomas, (509) 963-2815

Cultural and Environmental Resource Management  (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall
Specialization: Anthropology

Contact info: Dr. Patrick McCutcheon; (509) 963-2075
This program is part of WICHE Western Regional Graduate Program

Cultural and Environmental Resource Management  (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall
Specialization: Geography

Contact info: Dr. Jennifer Lipton; (509) 963-1164
This program is part of WICHE Western Regional Graduate Program

Computer Science (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Computational Science

Contact info: Dr. Razvan Andonie; (509) 963-1430

Geological Sciences (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specializations: Active & Regional Tectonics; Continental Dynamics & Seismology; Environmental Geochemistry; GeomorphologyGeomorphology & Climate Change, Paleohydrology & Volcanology

Contact info: Dr. Lisa Ely; 
(509) 963-2177

Law & Justice (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Law and Justice

Contact info: Dr. Cody Stoddard;
(509) 963-3252

Primate Behavior (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Primate Behavior

Contact info: Dr. Jessica Mayhew; (509) 963-3220
This program is part of WICHE Western Regional Graduate Program

Psychology (M.S.)
Admissions: Rolling

Specialization: Experimental Psychology

Contact info: Dr. Ralf Greenwald, (509)964-3630

Psychology (M.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: Mental Health Counseling

Contact info: Dr. Sara Bender;  (509) 963-2381

The MHC program is no longer accepting applications for the Fall 2020 Cohort. The next application deadline is January 10 for Fall 2021.

Psychology (Ed.S.)
Admissions: Fall

Specialization: School Psychology

Contact info: Dr. Heath Marrs; (509) 963-2349



Individual Studies

Individual Studies Specializations: MA, MEd, MS, MFA
Webpage: Individual Studies

Contact info: Dr. Kevin Archer;; (509) 963-3101


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