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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Current Graduate Student Forms

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Course of Study Form [download DOC]

List the courses that you will take toward your master's degree. You will need to file this form before you have accumulated 25 quarter credits towards your degree and may be required to submit this form earlier if you are applying for grants, fellowships, or financial aid.

Substitution Form     [download PDF | DOC]

You will need to file this form to replace a class on your course of study with a different class.

Graduate Committee and Option Approval Form
[download PDF | DOC]

Lists your graduate committee and the option (thesis, examination, or project) that you are selecting for your degree. File with the Grad Office as soon as you have formed a committee and selected your thesis option. It may also be required for certain CWU grants and fellowships.

Human Subjects Review Committee (HRSC)
[visit the website

Any research at CWU that involves human participants must receive review and approval by CWU's human subjects and administrators.

Institutional Animal care and Use Committee (IACUC)
[visit the website]

Any research at CWU that involves non-human animals must receive review and approval by CWU's animal protections administrators.

Thesis and Project Report General Regulations
[download PDF ]

The Grad Office's style and manuscript preparation requirements for your thesis.

Folder Check Request

this is the Graduation Request form

All graduate students must complete the online "folder check" request for a final review of their file no later than the first week of their anticipated final quarter or as soon as they have registered.

Assistantship Application
[download PDF | DOC]

Use this form to apply for a teaching, staff, or research assistantship.