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School of Graduate Studies and Research

Graduate Student Forms

Document NameDescription
Graduate Committee and Option Approval Form
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Lists your graduate committee and the option (thesis, examination, or project) that you are selecting for your degree. File with the Grad Office as soon as you have formed a committee and selected your thesis option. It may also be recquired for certain CWU grants and fellowships.
Human Subjects Review Committee (HRSC)
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Any research at CWU that involves human participants must receive review and approval by CWU's human subjects and administrators.
Institutional Animal care and Use Committee (IACUC)
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Any research at CWU that involves non-human animals must receive review and approval by CWU's animal protections administrators.
Thesis and Project Report General Regulations
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The Grad Office's style and manuscript preparation requirements for your thesis.
Sample Brief for Defense/Examination Review
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An example of the brief that you will file prior to final examination, thesis defense, or portfolio review.