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Last SHRM Meeting of Winter Quarter

On Monday, February 27th, 2018 SHRM met for the last public meeting of the quarter to hold their annual board elections. Students who were elected will not know if their spot on the board is secure until the first meeting of spring quarter.

After elections, Vice President of Hagel and Company, Aaron Simon came in to speak on the topic of HRM and Applicant Tracking Systems. Students were interested to learn that large companies such as Google and Microsoft receive around 20,000 resumes each week. Simon advised students to not just match their resume with the job description but also to the recruiter. “Look on LinkedIn to see if the recruiter for the job you want went to Central. Or take it a step further and look on their Facebook to find commonalities you can discuss with them to make a connection.” He also noted to be careful what you put on your social media because recruiters are looking and once something is posted its hard to get it down.

Student Austin Jones was interested to learn about this topic stating, “It’s one thing to apply to a company online and just wait and wonder where your application goes. Now I have a better understanding of the systems recruiters use to keep track of their applicants and also how to catch their attention.”

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