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Make Some Noise for CWU

Alumni & Donor RelationsAs Vice President for University Advancement, I have the honor and privilege of working with people passionate about Central, people who give their time, their ideas and money to CWU's success. I direct the work of University Advancement staff who help CWU alumni and friends find meaningful ways to engage with the university on a deeper level so they can enjoy a life-long relationship with Central in a way that benefits them and the university.

But that's just a description of what I do. It doesn't speak to the motivation behind the action and activities. It doesn't tell you why I get up in the morning or why I feel called to this amazing place.

It starts with the students. They come to Central from all walks of life and, unbeknownst to them, are put into transformational situations, both in and out of the classroom, that equip them for greatness. Whether you're at an athletic event, music recital or our annual SOURCE event, you can't help but see this greatness already asserting itself in meaningful and tangible ways.

And who do you suppose is pushing and pulling these students along on this incredible journey? Our equally amazing and talented faculty, who are world-class educators, continually winning awards on the national and international stage. They also are champions of a brand of higher education where teaching and research are not mutually exclusive—where mentorship and small classes are not sacrificed for powerful opportunities for inquiry and creative expression.

This is why I do what I do, and, in particular, why I do it at Central. I believe what happens here is cause for celebration, motivation and inspiration. It has the power to transform our communities and professions on both a local and global scale.

CWU is on the move. Our students, faculty and brand of higher education are worthy of the increased accolades, attention and investment. Worthy of making a little noise over. Worthy of no longer being a "best-kept secret."

You are an important part of the CWU experience. We celebrate the ways you are making a difference in our world and look forward to your continued involvement and partnership with us in the days ahead.

Go Wildcats!

Scott Wade, Vice President for University Advancement

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