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Safety and Security

Emergency Procedures and Campus Safety

Each University Center campus follow the Emergency Procedures/Safety Manuals as created and provided by their host community college. There are emergency procedures/safety manuals located in classrooms and office areas. Below are the host community college's campus security and safety web pages and resources. If you need further information, please contact the CWU-Lynnwood administrative office.

Edmonds Community College Campus Safety | Emergency Notifications


More Safety Information for Edmonds Campus

For emergency assistance, escort to your car late at night please call the 24 Hour security phone number (425) 754-0154.

New “Talk-a-Phones” these Talk-a-Phone towers are more than nine feet tall and serve as a great deterrent to crime. The towers are outside of Snoqualmie, Alderwood, Mukilteo and Snohomish buildings. These will go live in mid-July.

Features include:

o Cameras within the towers provide 24/7 coverage.
o Emergency calls to police and fire can be placed with a simple push of a button, and a separate information button is directly connected to Campus Security for evening escorts or other requests.
o The Emergency Phone faceplate is illuminated at all times for clear visibility during the night. 
o When activated, a LED Blue Light begins to flash, attracting attention to the location, and each tower is connected to our campus mass notification system.

Receiving Emergency Alerts from CWU

As CWU students, faculty, or staff, you will automatically receive email alerts and emergency communications from the Ellensburg campus. We encourage you to carefully read these alerts in case there is relevant information to all CWU campuses; however, note that many of these alerts may pertain to the Ellensburg campus only. Always remember that University Centers follow emergency instructions of their host community college campus.

CWU Main Campus Emergency Notifications

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