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Faculty and Staff

CLOSURE -  Because of construction of the new Edmonds Community College’s STEM building, we will not have power or utilities at the Center today (December 14) and will be closed.


Shane Reeder
Regional Director
425-640-1574 x3770
Secretary Senior
425-640-1574 x3881
Jennifer KnightSecretary Senior425-640-1574 x3882
International Student Advisor
425-640-1574 x3879
Coordinator of Library Resources
425-640-1574 x3753
Mishel KuchAssociate Director, Student Life206-439-3800 x3818
Natalia Thomas
Student Services Generalist
425-640-1574 x3872
Financial Aid
Financial Aid
425-640-1574 x3876
Career Counselor
425-640-1574 x3878
Kathy NathansAcademic Advisor425-640-1574 x3733
Westside DE Coordinator
425-640-1574 x3752
425-640-1574 x3754
425-640-1574 x3887
Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences
425-640-1574 x3888
Field Experiences Supervisor
425-640-1574 x3774
425-640-1574 x3871
425-640-1574 x3759
425-640-1574 x3891
425-640-1574 x3794
425-640-1574 x3880
425-640-1574 x3798
425-640-1574 x3889
425-640-1574 x3893
425-640-1574 x3890
425-640-1574 x3799

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