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BS Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences

The Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Studies–Social Sciences is for students who are interested in broader options in course selection than are possible within a traditional departmental major and who want to specialize their course of study according to individual interests and professional/educational aspirations. Persons holding this degree will find employment in a variety of occupations, ranging from corporate to social services, depending upon their primary emphasis among the various disciplines within the social science category. This degree also provides excellent preparation for graduate studies in psychology, sociology, social work, political science, and many other areas.

CWU-Lynnwood offers either a 62-credit or a 47-credit major, with many course delivery options including traditional classroom, interactive television, web centric, and online classes. Additionally, both majors can be completed entirely online.

Here is what one of our students had to say about the Interdisciplinary Studies-Social Sciences major:

"My liberal arts degree has helped to open so many doors for me and it has sparked my interest in things that I otherwise would not have even known existed."

Application Process

  1. Apply for admission to Central Washington University online at Submit official electronic or hard copy transcripts from any colleges or universities you have attended to Admissions in Ellensburg and provide the Des Moines Center with a student copy for advising purposes.
  2. To apply for the IDS major, contact the program director. For more information, visit


It is recommended that the student complete as many 100- and 200-level courses as possible in their field of interest during their freshman and sophomore years.


Students choose between a 62-credit major and a 47-credit major.

62-credit Major
Required courses: IDS 289 (1 cr.) and IDS 489 (1 cr.)
60 credits must be taken from the list of approved courses, 45 of which must be upper division. Students must take courses in at least three disciplines within the major. No more than 15 credits may be numbered 398, 498, or 490.

47-credit Major
Required courses: IDS 289 (1 cr.) and IDS 489 (1 cr.)
45 credits must be taken from the list of approved courses, 30 of which must be upper division. Students must take courses in at least three disciplines within the major. No more than 10 credits may be numbered 398, 498, or 490. In addition, the student must complete either a traditional departmental minor or a second major. Minors offered at CWU-Lynnwood include: Business Administration, Economics, Law and Justice, Psychology, and Sociology. Online minors include: Administrative Management, Family Studies, Latino and Latin American Studies, Psychology, Retail Management and Technology, and Sociology.

Courses Approved for the Interdisciplinary Studies Major
All courses for:  
AnthropologyHistoryPolitical Science
EconomicsIDS - Social SciencesReligious Studies*
Environmental StudiesLatino & Latin American Studies*Sociology
Ethnic StudiesLaw and JusticeTheatre
Family StudiesPhilosophyWomen's and Gender Studies  

Approved courses only for:
Africana and Black Studies: all 300- and 400-level courses
Biology: BIOL 302, 304
English: all 300- and 400-level courses
Health Education*: HED 101, 209, 210, 230, 310, 317, 387, 412, 450
Information Technology and Administrative Management*: ADMG 385, ADMG 372, RMT 366
Library Science: LIB 345
Management: HRM 381, MGT 380, MKT 360
University 301

*Effective Fall 2012

Additional Degree Requirements

Meet CWU's general education requirements through a community college direct transfer agreement (DTA) associate degree, bachelor's degree, or equivalent from any state accredited college or university.

Students must earn a minimum grade of C- in each course in an approved interdisciplinary studies major plan and achieve a minimum 2.25 GPA in the major. Courses in a student's minor or second major may not be included in the interdisciplinary studies major plan without advisor's consent. Students will not be allowed to enroll in IDS 289 and IDS 489 concurrently.

Graduation Requirements

A minimum of 180 quarter credits is required for a baccalaureate degree. Central allows a maximum of 135 quarter (90 semester) credits to transfer from regionally accredited four-year institutions, including no more than 105 quarter (70 semester) credits of lower-division (100-200 level) coursework from a regionally accredited community college. A minimum of 60 credits of upper-division study is required.

BS Interdisciplinary Studies - Social Sciences (PDF)