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CLOSURE -  Because of construction of the new Edmonds Community College’s STEM building, we will not have power or utilities at the Center today (December 14) and will be closed.


The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) in Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) is designed to give students with ANY two-year applied or technical degree the opportunity to advance their careers by furthering their education. This dynamic program adds the business component to the technical knowledge area to make the student more marketable in their knowledge area. Industry tells us they need workers who can be promoted from the entry-level positions, who are problem solvers, good communicators, and team leaders.

In the BAS-ITAM program, you will learn such subjects as project management, customer relationship management, leadership/supervision, business communications -- all soft-skill subjects that, when layered on top of the applied skills, make a well-rounded, promotable person in any industry.

While the program is available completely online, several hybrid classes each quarter are offered on this campus for those starting the program.


For more detailed information, visit the Information Technology and Administrative Management website.

Course Catalog

BAS-ITAM Transfer Academic Program Plan (PDF)

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